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Hello, I am currently unemployed with a A.S. degree in health science and Practical Nurse certificate. I have been unsuccessful passing the NCLEX and need serious advice from a nurse prospective. ... Read More

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    Quote from Vee18
    If you made it through nursing school you can definitely make it through the nclex! What I did to pass is I invested in these three things 1.Saunders book 2. Online Hurst Review 3. iPhone NCLEX apps I made a calendar and dedicated a few hours a day (Mon-Friday) to reading and studying. The Hurst Review is really neat because it made learning somewhat fun so it sticks with you. As for the NCLEX apps this was convenient during times I couldn't really prop out my big ol Saunders book like during traffic, waiting at the doctors office etc. this is what I did and passed the second time so its not the end of the world, you just have to really dedicate time. Good luck!
    what iphone app did you use?

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