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I graduated nursing school in MAY 2010...I took Kaplan and only used that to study. I did all of the work, watched all the content videos and took notes, did all the practice test and almost all of... Read More

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    SATA is select all that apply questions...

    What i did to study this time was the online hurst review. I had done kaplan the first time and that was no help to me because i realized that i needed more core review. For my second test I did mostly questions and reviewed my pharm and that obviously did not help either. This time I did the online hurst review. Hurst review goes through all the study material and makes it very easy to understand. I would study about 4 hours a day and then the last week before the test i really crammed. I shut everybody out(my friends, fam, boyfriend), and locked myself in my room or the library where i literally studied all day. I was more nervous this time than any time before because I knew that I had studied harder than the last two times and that i KNEW my info and if i failed this time i didnt know what else to do! Like i said, hurst makes it very easy to understand and remember! I did not focus to much on one area but instead went through all of it as if i had never taken the test before. Im not going to lie, i felt weak going in on my pharm just because i didn't focus inparticular on pharm but instead on what drugs went with certain diseases or conditions. Does that make sense? I went in calm and tried to stay calm through the whole test, but once i hit question about 175 and after about 4 1/2 hours its really hard to stay focused but you have to do the best you can!! If i can pass this test, YOU CAN TOO! you just need to stay focused and BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! Tell yourself you ARE GOING TO PASS, don't even THINK about failing again because YOU'RE NOT GOING TO! Good luck!
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    on what state did you take the licensure ETnurse?
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    Thanks for the advice and words of hope! and CONGRATS!!!

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