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I graduated nursing school in MAY 2010...I took Kaplan and only used that to study. I did all of the work, watched all the content videos and took notes, did all the practice test and almost all of... Read More

  1. by   elamja2
    I failed my first time, and take it again tomorrow I am very nervous, I failed 1 section which was basic care and comfort I DONT KNOW HOW!!! Anyways I am not freaking out as much this time as the first time. Good luck to all taking it soon. Wish me luck!
  2. by   MzcandyRN
    Quote from godisgoodoldtym
    i hope it will really help for you,the first thing i did when i took again my second time taking the nclex is PRAYERS asking for guidance to our Lord God and ask for your close friends pray for you, you know when i was taking the exam i feel that God is with me during my test, i get the easy question,just be confident and continue praying.
    First time i took the test i studied 6-8 hour everyday but on my second time i didnt do that again, i just studied 2-3 hrs and when i feel tired i watched tv or doing household chores.I used SAUNDERS for my Q & A,and SYLVIA RAYFIELD and NCSBN help me a lot. for me NCSBN is similar to the actual test,it cost only 50$ for 3 weeks. Make sure do Q & A everyday do 100-200 everyday and you know what i did.I was doing my Q & A what time i schedule, my schedule is 8am for my everyday i did Q & A in 8am so my mind will used to it. Just dont loose hope continue aiming your Goal and most important is PRAYERS....Good Lucksaint:
    Just wanna let you know that i can relate to you the first time i failed too then the second time i passed and just like what you said that you feel God is with you I felt that too and it feels like im just reviewing like regular day at first i cant believe im really getting an easy questions its just like im in the right place and im in the right time the prayers really works GOD works in ways we cannot see... To God be the glory!! Have faith in him..
  3. by   ETnurse2010
    I can't believe it!! I took the test on the 22nd and was in there for about 5 1/2 hours!!! I was only on question 230 with about 10 minutes left!! i was def not gonna finish and then all of a sudden it shut off!! i had about 5 math qustions, 25 SATA and a ton of priority. I also had a lot of meds that got me upset because i didn't know what they were but i tried to pick the best answer! I was SURE i failed and was SO upset for the next to days. When my quick results were up i started crying because i KNEW i was going to see "FAIL" for the THIRD TIME! But I was wrong!! IT SAID PASS!! I was so happy and could not believe my eyes!!
  4. by   sayfocused
    What was your study plan? What did you do different?
  5. by   jabwemet
    Congrats can u plz tell me what was your study plan and I am taking mine 3rd time in feb.
  6. by   Senoria39
    Congratulations! I am happy for you....Be the BEST Nurse you can be! One day I too will say I PASSED!!!
  7. by   N1colina
    What is SATA??
  8. by   ETnurse2010
    SATA is select all that apply questions...

    What i did to study this time was the online hurst review. I had done kaplan the first time and that was no help to me because i realized that i needed more core review. For my second test I did mostly questions and reviewed my pharm and that obviously did not help either. This time I did the online hurst review. Hurst review goes through all the study material and makes it very easy to understand. I would study about 4 hours a day and then the last week before the test i really crammed. I shut everybody out(my friends, fam, boyfriend), and locked myself in my room or the library where i literally studied all day. I was more nervous this time than any time before because I knew that I had studied harder than the last two times and that i KNEW my info and if i failed this time i didnt know what else to do! Like i said, hurst makes it very easy to understand and remember! I did not focus to much on one area but instead went through all of it as if i had never taken the test before. Im not going to lie, i felt weak going in on my pharm just because i didn't focus inparticular on pharm but instead on what drugs went with certain diseases or conditions. Does that make sense? I went in calm and tried to stay calm through the whole test, but once i hit question about 175 and after about 4 1/2 hours its really hard to stay focused but you have to do the best you can!! If i can pass this test, YOU CAN TOO! you just need to stay focused and BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! Tell yourself you ARE GOING TO PASS, don't even THINK about failing again because YOU'RE NOT GOING TO! Good luck!
  9. by   myAngel71
    on what state did you take the licensure ETnurse?
  10. by   N1colina
    Thanks for the advice and words of hope! and CONGRATS!!!