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Feeling a little discouraged. I've been reading a lot of posts on allnurses and have given me more motivation. I have failed the nclex-rn. I did the PVT. I walked out balling in tears and not knowing... Read More

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    Hi! i am sorry to hear that. i understand your situation and i really feel you. I also failed my first NCLEX last year. i've experienced literally the DABDA stage. I want you to know like what other members here said this too shall pass. i know you can do this. As a matter of fact, the moment you wrote this thread is a good sign already! its because you are aware of the experience and you want to know more about how to deal with that therefore you are ready to the next level.

    Personally, after i failed the first try i took myself a rest, reminiscing my mistakes during my review and ask the Lord to show me what are the things i need to improve and show me the right path to my success. i also assessed myself and i go back to the basics and i really devoted my time for this big exam and its worth it.

    Right now, relax a little bit and free your mind. Then assess yourself, what are your strengths and weakness on the different topics. Make a specific plan, write it on the paper and follow it religiously.

    You can do this. Goodluck and GODbless!

    Thank you! I took about a week break and had time for myself, friends, family, and boyfriend. Your response is very motivating. I realized that I was very anxious during the test, and I should be calm more. I know the material but you know when taking a huge exam is such a scary feeling. I overworked myself and studied hours and hours a day. That I realize I also should have time for myself. I prayed every night and asked God to give me the strength and confidence in myself. I know I can do this