Failed NCLEX Question about eligibility and ATT.

  1. 0 I recently took the NCLEX and, today, received a letter saying that I did not pass.

    The California BON's eligibility letter is valid for two years starting from the date posted on the letter. I still have another 9 months until it expires.

    The ATT form says that it's valid for one year. I have 10 months until that time is up.

    My question is, does this mean that I can register for another ATT within that one year?
    Or register for another ATT while my eligibility is still valid?
    Or do I have to send in a reapplication for a new eligibility?
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    You will have to send in reapplication with $150 fee to CABON. Once you receive letter from CABRN titled "ELIGIBILITY NOTICE FOR NCLEX RN EXAMINATION," sign on to PearsonVue, pay $200 fee and you should received your Authorization to Test letter via email. Then you can schedule your exam.

    Each ATT and application is valid for (1) one NCLEX RN exam. In other words, each time a candidate fails, they would have to start the process and pay the fees. Hope this helps.

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