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Hello Nurses. I'm a registered nurse back in my country, graduated March 2010, got my license that same year.. Moved to the United States, worked as a server/waitress and finally decided to take the... Read More

  1. by   lloi
    Quote from mimimaramo

    Hey, i pmed you yday. Anyway, if you want you can email me at so that we can contact each other

    And to answer your questions, it would be lovely to have someone to review with and my goal is to take the exam again in june. How about you? And where in nevada are you moving to?

    Anyway, just contact me okay?
    i just added u in my YM. appreciate if u will accept. tnx
  2. by   MEVH
    Hi Guys!

    For those who applied in Nevada, did you encounter any problems regarding the concurrency issues?