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Hello!! I am in need of direction... I took Boards last Friday and found out I FAILED, not only did I fail but I failed terribly :( the computer shut off at 80 questions!! I have been working as a GN in MI/SICU since the end... Read More

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    Go to the Pearson Vue site and sign up for your test. You should only have to pay them again, the background check should still be okay.
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    For practice questions, I recommend: PDA by LaCharity and NCSBN. NCSBN costs $50. If you can't afford it, check out PDA from a library and Kaplan strategies book which has many practice questions (& CD).
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    Quote from GrnTea
    You're not being punished, the facility is following the law. You're not licensed.

    I didn't know anyone still had the "GN" designation-- I thought that went out with NCLEX-almost-on-demand.
    I think she was just looking for some encouragement and maybe a little direction.
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    I know you said you didn't have time to practice questions but you need to make time. Life is crazy, believe me I know, but you worked so hard to get to this point. Practice, practice, will be right there waiting for you when you get through this. Best of luck to you!