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hello, I'm from the bay area and excellnursing review is coming by the end of march and I'm going to that review. Anyone took that and I want to know what's it like and did you pass taking... Read More

  1. by   Bsnjojo
    Hello!!! 1yr preparation + excell review = pass!!! Good luck sa atin
  2. by   Silverdragon102
    Can I please remind you to post only in English as per the Terms of Service of the site. I have deleted a couple of posts that was in Tagalog
  3. by   kakay
    Quote from bsnjojo
    Im from monterey county seaside city. I graduated in the philippines how bout you? I recommend excell its a good review although im one of those who did not pass. Right now im starting to self review once again.whats you name did you study here?

    hey JOjo. i also Graduated in the Philippines, just want to know what books are you into or u just refreshing those reading materials from excell? my sis-in law told me that she had a great time in Excell review and passed the nclex on her 3rd time..
  4. by   Bsnjojo
    Hello right now im using the one from excell.
  5. by   kakay
    Quote from bsnjojo
    Hello right now im using the one from excell.

    how long would it take b4 ur NCLEX? tnx... can i have ur email? so we can do exchange ideas? would it be possible?
  6. by   Bsnjojo
    Im planning to take it nextmonth. Heres my ym yakujojo@yahoo.com and my number 8319177591 txt me if you have any questions
  7. by   JMD813
    Hey everyone, I'm about to take the Excell review this week in Sunyvale, Ca and wanted to see what the style of the review is like. Is it focused mostly on lectures and taking notes? Also are you given a book with this review? I've heard great things about this review, and am looking forward to it. Any information would be great. Thanks in advance.
  8. by   mobitoy
    @JMD i did excell last month. They're really good. A week after the review I took the boards and I passed! They r like classroom setting where they set up an overhead projector and yes they give u the notes which u can go along with the reviewer. I suggest u take notes
    For added info. Ms **** is fun, but the psych nsg part was a lil boring. But Im pretty confident enough that Excell helped me bigtime. Listen and pay attention of what the lecturers are discussing. God bless on the exam!
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  9. by   JMD813
    @Mobitoy: Thanks so much for the info on Excell. Congrats on passing!!!
  10. by   poklay
    hi guys, pinay here. :hgu: i am an LPN graduate and planning to have the review with excell too, but i have heard that both LPN and RN review are combine in one class. that makes me kindda worried, wouldn't that be a lil bit confusing?. Going to have mine in vegas this sept. mind sharing ur experiences in the review?
  11. by   JMD813
    Hi Pinay! I'm currently in the Excell Review in Sunyvale, and just LOVE it! We have a mixed class mostly Rns but also have a few LVNs as well. The lecturers are really good about emphasizing certain areas that will be on LVN test and they definitely make sure to help both RNs and LVNs, I think you'll be fine and will not get confused at all. You'll enjoy it believe me!
  12. by   pikapink
    Hi! Did anyone here take the January 2012 review? I am looking for review centers in LA. pls help!