Excell nursing review San Diego, CA: May 15 to 24, 2012 Excell nursing review San Diego, CA: May 15 to 24, 2012 | allnurses

Excell nursing review San Diego, CA: May 15 to 24, 2012

  1. 0 Hey guys, I'm planning to take the Excell review class in these dates. I live in SF Bay area but i just missed the session that they had here in Sunnyvalle :-(. So I'm trying to catch the next one, but it's in So Cal. I was wondering if anyone has heard of the EXCELL review classes and if they helped or not. ALSo I was looking for a place to stay just for the 10 days and a Study partner. If anyone's willing to help out, please let me know.
    Thank you so much !!
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    Hi, I'm in San Diego, but I haven't heard of the Excell review classes. Do you have more info about that? Where it is, how long and how much?
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    Hi, i have only heard about the Excell review classes from the previous forums posted here. More information can be found at: Excell Nursing Review | Home the California dates and times. They have it in a couple other states. It is $590! Here in California, but about $450 if you live in Chicago. It is a 10 day review class.... A straight 10 days from 8-5, so it is a pretty grueling session, but I have read many good reviews about it. However I know many friends that have passed just by taking other reviewer companies such as: Kaplan, Hurst, and Elsevier; all which provides money back guarantee. I don't know so much about this one, but I am inquiring for more informations from anyone here at allnurses.com users. Thank you.
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    I checked the website. $590,wow, that's quite a lot. I've done the Hurst review and loved it! You also have to be registered 10 days before the event, so San Diego wouldn't work anymore. I think you can go cheaper than that and you don't have to travel 10 hours across Cali for that. Good luck to you!
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    Excell really helped me passed my NCLEX with 75 items...after 10days class i just read again the materials that provided and i didnt even do any practice test!
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    Anyone have more info on this program? I am doing Kaplan and Hurst and other stuff but I just can't drill this stuff in my head. I look up stuff and look it up again. It was never taught to me to begin with so I was thinking a 10 day course may be perfect.

    Does anyone have info on them positive or negative. I went to an awful school and truly learned nothing although I graduated Summa Cum Laude with my BSN and a GPA of 3.87. But really I have learned nothing. More then 1/2 of my friends have failed so I really need help and I am exploring ALL my options.