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Here is my SUCCESS story of passing the NCLEX on my 3rd try. I remember reading various posts on this website and how encouraging it was when I was passing the NCLEX. So this is to show you that if I can pass the NCLEX on the 3rd... Read More

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    please wats the exact name of the author of your davis book? there are three different davis's.
    congrats on ur status

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    Quote from sar901
    Here is my SUCCESS story of passing the NCLEX on my 3rd try. I remember reading various posts on this website and how encouraging it was when I was passing the NCLEX. So this is to show you that if I can pass the NCLEX on the 3rd try, SO CAN YOU!!

    I graduated Dec. 2009 and it was a whirlwind! With a combination of Graduation, Graduation Parties, Christmas, Family Vacation, I took the Hurst Review in the midst of everything going on around me. I decided to take the NCLEX the 1st week of February, because I always heard to take it as soon as possible out of school, so I didnt lose any information! I took it and decided to leave for CA the next day to take a month off-- (everyone deserves time off after Nursing School!!) To my suprise, i found out that I DID NOT PASS. I had the maximum 265 questions, and it was VERY DRAINING. I knew that I had a 50/50 chance of passing at that point.
    When i found out that I failed, i was very dissapointed, what had I done wrong? I made good grades in Nursing school and even the "students who barely passed the class" even passed the NCLEX! So, i studied, studied, studied. And signed up to take the NCLEX again in April.

    I didnt really know where I went wrong in studying before, so I didnt know what to correct. I would just write down random facts that I thought I must memorize and would keep re-reading the Hurst Review book. I took the NCLEX at the same testing Center as I did the 1st time. AND-- AGAIN-- 265 Questions!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me??I tok the maximum amount of time- again-- and this is the most draining test in the world. Again, i recieved my results and it said FAILED. At this point, i just felt like a failure-- I was embarassed that people around me would think that I wasnt competent to be a nurse, i knew that I could pass the test, but i realized that it was just a MIND GAME.. I had to figure out the mind game.

    I moved cities, and decided not to get a job, just dedicate each day to studying and working out. I would wake up in the morning , study, workout for my study breaks, and keep studying in the afternoon. And, the nights would be free. I decided since the Hurst review book and my previous studying methods have not worked before i had to TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT. I went out and bought the Davis' NCLEX Review book. Its pretty thick, but its filled with great information! I would set up a routine and study every day, and have a goal each day, and try to read so many pages each day. 5 weeks I just read and did review quizzes from the book. When it was time to FINALLY take the NCLEX for the 3rd time, i Decided NOT to take it at the same testing center as the other 2 tests. Maybee I'm superstitious, or just associated the place with failing before-- So I actually decided to go visit some friends out of state and take the NCLEX there ( you can take the NCLEX in any US state, and you just ay what state board of nursing you are taking the test for!) So, i decided to go a few days early, and just do some last minute studying and remain very relaxed, and decided not to really spend time with my friends until after taking the test.

    THE MORNING of the test--- I was very nervous, One good tip told me during the Hurst review is to play the music to one of your favorite "PUMP UP" songs in the car, this not only wakes you up, but also pumps you up for your test. I also jogged just around the block one time to get my blood pumping-- and ALSO BRING one thing that helped me is to eat peanut butter crackers and milk before the test--- because this levels out your blood sugar, and you can sustain longer period of times testing.

    DURING THE TEST-- I took this test differently then all the other test--- the other tests (that I had failed) i stopped and analyzed each question, read each question 5 times, and kept asking myself, what if this? what if that? WELL-- this test was different... I would read the questions and cover up the answer-- i would tell myself what I THINK would be the right answer, then I would look at the provided answers--- i would see which one was the BEST answer- then move on. I wasnt intentionally taking the test fast-- but its not good to second guess yourself--- I learned its just best to go with your first instinct on the questions--- and MOVE ON!

    After 75 questions, the computer screen turned off!!!!!!!!!!! I told myself that if the computer screeen turned off after 75 questions that I would be happy, because I studied and retained too much knowledge to fail with 75 questions. I checked the unofficial results 2-3 days later and found out the great news-----> I"M AN RN!!!!!

    i was very excited-- you just need to remember to persevere-- find a motivation in your life-- and when you get tired of studying think about your motivation, and keep studying! And, at the end of the day nobody ever asks you "how many times did it take you to pass the NCLEX?" They might ask you IF you passed the NCLEX. I am applying for jobs now , and not one person have asked me the number of times I took it--- and i dont think anyway that it is a reflection if you will be a good nurse or not.

    THE NCLEX is a mind game-- you just need to be able to STAY CALM, not let your nerves get the best of you, and be prepared for the test!! and also take the encouragement from friends and family members during this time in your life, because it really does help!!

    YOU CAN PASS THE NCLEX, TOO!!!! Hope this helps

    HERE ARE MY TIPS: Make sure to change environmen

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us! I just have one question.I am also studying the Hurst student book for my third attempt (used Hurst for my second attempt) .Do you think that it is a good idea to study this student book at this stage? I had only listened to the videos for my second attempt.When you failed using Hurst for the first time;did they send you the questions and answers to help you understand the content more?

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    this is a very nice post.. i can relate too.. i failed twice.. i just applied three weeks ago and haven't got any approval yet.. i have La Charity's 2nd edition and questions are pretty hard. im trying to purchase the ati virtual but it cost $$$.. i'll try your tips.. hopefully we all pass..
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    Congrats sar901!! I can see myself in your post! i took nclex last oct.5 for the 3rd time, my computer turned off after 75 questions..Lesson learned from my previous exams that never rush during the test and read the question thoroughly, i answered the exam for almost 3 hrs..leave the center with severe headache at the same time excitement for the result.. the day after my exam, i tried the Pearson vue trick and it works! i checked the BRN after 3 days, and found out that i passed!! I always say to myself whenever im down that God has a plan for everything,never doubt it!!Just learn to be patient, and success will come along your way!! Good luck..
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    encouraged.. thanks!
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    congratulation i will be taking my nclex rn for the 3rd time nxt month hopefully i can make it..like you
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    well deserved tnx for inspiring other future test takers stay blessed

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