Encouragement for people taking the NCLEX for the 3rd time. I did it and so can YOU! - page 2

Here is my SUCCESS story of passing the NCLEX on my 3rd try. I remember reading various posts on this website and how encouraging it was when I was passing the NCLEX. So this is to show you that if I... Read More

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    Congrats sar901!! I can see myself in your post! i took nclex last oct.5 for the 3rd time, my computer turned off after 75 questions..Lesson learned from my previous exams that never rush during the test and read the question thoroughly, i answered the exam for almost 3 hrs..leave the center with severe headache at the same time excitement for the result.. the day after my exam, i tried the Pearson vue trick and it works! i checked the BRN after 3 days, and found out that i passed!! I always say to myself whenever im down that God has a plan for everything,never doubt it!!Just learn to be patient, and success will come along your way!! Good luck..
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    encouraged.. thanks!
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    congratulation i will be taking my nclex rn for the 3rd time nxt month hopefully i can make it..like you
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    well deserved tnx for inspiring other future test takers stay blessed

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