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Does the NCLEX-PN have EKG questions?

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    My boards are coming up soon, and I've been doing some reviewing. Is there any EKG questions on the NCLEX-PN? I was taught only the basics about EKG's in school, so I hope they're not too detailed! I'm really nervous about the test, and I'm just trying to make sure I have all my bases covered. Plus I was also wanting to ask if there were any SATA questions on pharm, and if so are they over side effects, because I was going to brush up on those as well! Thanks everyone!
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    Expect anything and everything. They'll show you a diagram and won't directly ask you what the reading is but ask what you'd do if one of your patient's had that reading. I don't recommend you try to learn telemetry in a short amount of time but just be ready if you do get one since it will most likely be a passing question.

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