Detailed Study Plan for the NCLEX?!?!

  1. Hey everyone!

    I am trying to develop a detailed study plan for the NCLEX but am finding it overwhelming.. I was wondering if anyone can offer any advice, tips, or sample study plans to tackle studying for the NCLEX. By detailed I mean like how many hours a day, what to do in those 3 hours, break times, to study content or just do questions, etc... The detailed the better. Any help is much appreciated!

    Thank you in advance to those that provide feedback.
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  3. by   Aspiring LPN-RN
    Content is the most for this exam followed by practice questions.I read one topic a day followed by questions on the same content.Do not make schedule that you cannot conquer or stick to.It will take about a day or two to follow the routine.I know it's a lot when you make a study schedule but believe me take one topic a day and you will be fine.
    If you want more information on how i study then please follow my daily log for NCLEX-RN exam.
    Good luck with your preparation!!
  4. by   lanztar
    @ ngajew01

    Hello there... I remembered studying 1-2 topics for at least 6-8 hrs per day. Snacks and rest included. My break time ranges from 5min-30min. Before, I tried answering questions after each topic on the same day but I changed it half way through my study plan because it wasn't working for me. So, what I did was I gathered all my Qbanks and answered it all on my final week. I prefer core content over test taking strat.

    Good Luck.!
  5. by   kksmi56
    I did NCLEX questions many as you can stand...=0) Good Luck!!