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Does anyone here who use kaplan RN qbank for nclex? Is this course online good for 3mos or does it make any difference if u can just have it 4 weeks bfore the exam?... Read More

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    Stopped at 75 questions I was done with the test in 30 mins.

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    HI HUNG,

    THANK YOU so much for ur advice, i feel better knowing that im not the only one who experienced getting below 60 percent in Qbank, my exam will be on 24th of April and i just enrolled 1 week ago. I am convinced to do the Qt trainers after i finish the Qbank practice test. My only problem is where to download and get the kaplan Qt trainers since i only enrolled in kaplan Qbank. Anyway thank you soo much ...
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    wow that was great. Congratulations , thank you for uplifting my spirit.. I will try harder and never give up just like u did. I already finish answering the La charity and had saunders as well. I'll just have to focus more in my Qbank and do the Qt trainers after...

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