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  1. As many know the passing score and difficulty level for the NCLEX was increased April 1,2013 and guess what that was the day I took it for the 1st time. I did pass the NCLEX with 82 questions and decided I will pay it forward by sharing tips on what I did to pass. I graduated nursing school March 1 so I had exactly a month to study. I did not do any review but what I did do was practice LOTS of NCLEX style questions. I used the NCLEX 10000, the Saunders for review especially Fundamentals, LaCharity to practice management and priority questions. Within my 3weeks of studying, I practiced 4000 questions and while NONE of the questions I practiced were on the boards, practicing those questions helped me learn to critically think better and honestly that's what I had to do on the day I took the NCLEX. I had close to 30-35 SATA questions, priority questions, 2 med calc, I Peds, and some more I can't remember. My advice is to know your content as much as possible, study diligently and above all pray and think positive. I walked out of the exam feeling really horrible because I didn't know if I passed but I did the PV trick when I got home and got the "good" pop up. I am now working as a RN at a great hospital. Good is faithful. All the best to you all if I can do it you certainly can too!
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  3. by   melaniedale28f
    Congratulations!!!! I pray i can be an Rn too!!!
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    Congrats.. Great advice..