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    Last time i appeared the NCLEX-RN exam i had 265 questions and my results were near the passing standard in all areas except management, health promotion and maintenance.This time i had 235 questions and i received my progress report today.My progress report says i am near the passing standard in all areas except pharmacology and basic care and comfort.Both of the time i did self review using different study material.I don't understand what i am lacking in order to pass.This is just so frustrating and not been able to understand why i am always near the passing.Can anyone please help me to understand what am i doing wrong??

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    Since you are sure that you know content well, you should maybe practice doing questions. I took mine and did not pass the first time and now I am preparing myself for the second attempt. Group studying I think is a good idea, maybe you should work with other students. If you want, we can skype and help one another to tackle this test. Send me a PM and let me know what you think. We will pass this test, believe in yourself that you can do this! ;-)

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