1. So here I am, waiting for 7 more days before my big day...will take it for the first time and hopefully pass it... Been doing my best in studying, reviewing and doing Q&A. I sometimes feel the nerves. But I always tell myself that I can do this. Im hoping and praying to have enough knowledge, wisdom, skills, encouragement, and positive thinking to be able to pass this exam. Ive been doing
    1.Feuer Nursing Audio's with study and homework booklets & Saunder 5th edition (for contents) which includes a total of almost 1300 questions.
    3.Kaplan Qtrainer 1-7
    4.Kaplan Qbank
    5.NCLEX 3500 & 4000 ( but only few on it)

    As ive heard , that SATA questions are to always gonna be present. So im doing reviews on the Q&A's that ive done and practicing SATA as well... and Im for ECG I somehow sometimes got it right and sometimes got it wrong..
    Any suggestions and encouragements will highly be appreciated...
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  3. by   Brunoverse
    You sure seem prepared. I feel that the q trainers are close to the nclex. I made sure that I had all lab values, pt, inr and such memorized. Didn't need any of it, lol. As far as EKG I had one and it was easy. I recommend examcram review for cardio. Actually, I took the nclex 10 months after graduation and I only used examcram for review. Do lots of questions, do sata from nclex 3500, relax the day before the exam. Use test taking techiques such as umbrella and never selecting absolute (always,never). You're do great!
  4. by   Karyssa
    Do the kaplan readiness test as well. It's under integrated tests I think
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  6. by   schizo
    Thanks to all... I dont feel im ready though. But , as ive known. I did what i needed to do to become an RN... hope its enough :-(
  7. by   crameRN
    I feel for you. I felt exactly the same even I am in Pearson Vue waiting for my number to be called. Take every question in and make each count. Don't rush. I took a lot of breaks during my test. I wanted to be my 100% every time a question pops up. And above all pray. ^_^