5th time taking the Nclex

  1. I am one of many that have failed the NCLEX multiple times with frustration and confusion. I graduated 2 years ago this June with my BSN and since failing the test in Florida 3 times, now have to travel to GA to take my test. I have had 96, 116, 75, and 164 questions with every type of question( SATA, math, pictures, audio and then the new one, conference?) and have reviewed all methods, Hurst, Kaplan on demand and Kaplan live(helped the most) NCSBN( if your not a great reader then its a lot of time self studying although questions are very good) Saunders 5th edition (yellow book) great for content/questions and easy to navigate through the book, and NCLEX 4000.

    I'm now trying a new approach because I obviously have issues with the test plus I was diagnosed with severe test anxiety and was prescribed propanolol which I wish I would have been able to take before my last test(I did the best on that one from what my results sheet had printed). I am a visual learner and sometimes need a video illustration to understand content. I went on pinterest of all things and there are pinned boards with all types of different explanations of anything and everything with NCLEX preparation in ways that I might understand and retain the information better. So I made a folder for it and I am now using it as a study guide along with NCLEX 4000, notes and Saunders 5th edition.
    I told myself the last time I failed I was NOT going to put myself through that again!! I was OVER IT, I was NOT meant to be a nurse... I couldn't understand why I would do so well on question trainers and be SO ready only to get that manila envelope in the mail and be devastated once again. I went so far as to start applying to school again and change careers because I was NEVER going to be a nurse (the one thing I feel I'm meant to do). I have a job waiting for me at the amazing hospital that I work at now, and support of all my fellow co-workers and even my patients (who on the reg tell me how I am an AMAZING nurse now and think that I am the nurse all the time when I am taking care of them) I love all the encouragment but I am also so embarrassed to tell people that I have failed my boards. People who are not nurses don't understand what type a test the NCLEX is and wonder if I'm smart enough to pass it? I constantly explain that the test is not just knowledge based but a la-la land test, and it's not an easy test (at least not for me).
    I have read other inspirational comments for people who have not passed the test and it really makes a difference to read them. I like all the suggestions and wondered how good some of the past attachments were with the "study guide"? I printed the 35 page guide and it looks amazing but I have read some posts that say that it is not entirely accurate?
    I really need advice on what has worked for recent passers of this test for 2014. The test has changed and the passing rate is higher and I really just want to be as prepared as I can be for the 5th and hopefully LAST test I have to take. PLEASE HELP! THANK YOU!!
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  3. by   paradios2014
    Hello, I am from FL as well..sorry to hear that..I failed nclex twice..I can only tell you not to give up!!!..I have tried various resources as well such as kaplan/hurst/pda and many more..I went thru all 265 qs...my report said all near passing and 3 above level..my first try, it was a mixture of nerves/not confident..second I felt ready and more confident..I am about to take it the third time in FL...my question for you is when you didn't pass the third time you went and applied at GA board nursing without taking any refresher course or anything like that?...what were the steps you had to do to apply in GA? and how many day did you wait to take the test again in GA?...thank you so much for your help!!!...WE CANNOT GIVE UP!!!...I would suggest also to do TONS of questions, which I see the majority of people has worked for them..You can do it God Bless
  4. by   paradios2014
    I forgot to ask did you had to take the fingerprints again right..I believe you have to have them done again after 6 months..am I right?
  5. by   karieb935
    I could not afford to take the refresher course, it is expensive and you had to go back to clinicals. I did not beleive that going back to school was going to prepare for the test. Thats when I chose to do kaplan live which was the best preparation I had had so far and helped me break down the questions in the test. Ive always been a really bad CAT taker, and seem to have a problem with changing me answer and second guessing myself. It took me over 4 hrs for my last test and finally got a "above passing standards" on one category, which made me happy because i was improving but aslo upsetting because I thought I really prepared myself. As far as GA goes I just googled Ga boards of nursing and navigated my way through all of the tabs until I found the app with all the rules. My last test in florida was in March and my first test in GA was in August. Good luck to you, and yes..WE CAN DO IT!! thank you!!
  6. by   karieb935
    I do not remember the rules stating that after a period of time you have redo the prints. I had 3 done and are in great condition. You only redo them if they are smeared or rejected.
  7. by   paradios2014
    thank you for your reply So I will need to fill out the re-examination form with 90 dollars and that all?
    I would say go over the weak areas on your last report, and make sure you understand that particular subject before going over the next..I would recommend Hurst review..it has helped tremendously on content..I feel that SATA its my weakest area..practice questions after you master the subject..I believe you can do it ..we have to remain positive Good luck!
  8. by   karieb935
    I paid $60 for the background check(fingerprinting), $40 for GA board of Nursing app fee and 200 pearson sitting fee. Im not aware of anything that is 90$?I hope that helps. I will be going over all my weak points and test myself until I do well on the content. Thanks again!
  9. by   paradios2014
    thank you
  10. by   dixieyid305
    I have extreme test anxiety would I did was 50-100 questions daily and read rationales and walk for an hour daily. tell you self you can do it !!!
  11. by   indxtc112
    Sorry to hear that your having such a tough time. I think you know your stuff its just the anxiety you have to deal with. Try to make doing questions a little fun. Make it a game. During my practice test (at home), I would do 100 question and keep a tally of what I think I got right and what I think I got wrong. Then at the end I would look to see which ones I was right about and which ones I was wrong about. This will show you how you assess yourself. Once you get to the point where your assessments are right on.. then you know your ready for the test. You'll trust in the answers you pick and move on. You won't be second guessing yourself. I think its just about gaining confidence. I hope my advice helps. I know its a little unconventional but it worked for me.