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2nd Attempt Nclex: Help!

  1. 0 Hi everyone,

    I took the nclex on september 21st and failed in 265 questions. I registered to take it again November 18th. I used kaplan for my first attempt and i'm planning to use it again. What should i look for in qbank/trainer scores since i'll be doing them over. I averaged in the mid 50s before. I'm doing the qbanks again and i'm getting a lot higher now (mid 60s, 70s).

    I'm just wondering if using kaplan again is helpful for my 2nd attempt? Because the questions haven't changed or should i look for something new?

    Thank youu!!!
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    Kaplan has gotten good results for many students. Test scores in the 70s on Kaplan are good. How did you do on practice tests 7 and 8? Those are the above the line questions. What were your scores for tests 1-6? If you got less than 62, then I would consider a content review class also. I would practice priority, SATA, pharm, and alternative questions also.
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    hi tdeschamps, Kaplan is good for questions but it all depends on you and your needs. if you think you are weak on contents then Kaplan may not be for you and considering that you did Kaplan recently, most of your answers might be based on what you remembered from the last time. are you just using Kaplan or do you have other review materials?
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    On my first attempt at kaplan, i averaged around 55-57% on q trainers 4-7. I just ordered the Saunders book for content.

    @faith246 -- I've just been using kaplan so far until i get my saunders book, but i've been looking/reading up the stuff i've gotten wrong for some content.
    I got 'near passing level' on almost all the categories and one 'above passing level'. I believe my weakness was content so i'm planning to focus on that.
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    Hey! Did not hear from you again. Well, I passed the nclex today with 75questions and the feuer review was a huge help. Wishing you good luck!!!