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hi everybody...12/12/12:nailbiting: is my exam date for RN.....i know we never feel prepared . same here...i am so excited to face my exam but :banghead: on the other hand feel soooooooo anxious...try to study hard....... and... Read More

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    I took my nclex pn today ....so freaked out...

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    Quote from shergillnav
    its true medicine always scaring me....m not well familiar with medicine.....even sometime do wrong answer with most papular medicine...now hope its my 1st and last time..........hope same for u all guys...... i plan to read lab values and antidote and other important notes at last day like on 11th.....then GOD ll handle everything//////////
    Believe me u know more than u think I took NCLEX today did the pvt 3 hours later (passed) anywho all the meds I had were meds that are well known like meds u see all the time in questions and like in nursing school (Dilantin, dig, lasix ect.) believe me like I didn't even study pharm so u will be ok!
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    really?? OmGosh!!! I just know thats one... lol... You guys have no idea wat good was find u... I was like super mega scared & jusst talking with u I feel better, because I dont know anybody who is going through the same stresssssss!!!! hahaha!! I graduated in 2004 from my university so I feel like join graduated right now!!! Thanks for ur advise and good luck to the others that not take the test yet like me!! God is gonna be with us!!
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    I'll be taking my exam on this day as well. God bless us!
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    cyounglpn thanka alot.... little bit relaxing me........
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    hey good luck

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