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I am currently in an associates RN program in NYS and will be graduating in May. I've noticed that many new grads are having a hard time finding a job due to the economy and hiring freezes which seem... Read More

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    Quote from mnmnelson44
    No jobs in Montana!! I'm a new grad ADN-RN in Montana and Billings Clinic in Billings has Magnet status so no hiring ADN-RNs. Bozeman has no jobs either.
    Actually, this is untrue. While Billings Clinic does not have as many new graduate opportunities as before, we most certainly will accept an ADN-RN or BSN. If you are interested in a management or leadership opportunity, you would be required to obtain a BSN, but for our regular bed-side or clinic positions, we want the best. Sometimes, that is the ADN-RN. The NICU is our only unit that requires a BSN.