LVN moving to Columbia Falls, MT area

  1. My family and I plan on moving to Columbia Falls area soon. I am a LVN and needing to know what the job situation is in this area. I want to go back to school and get me ASN. Is there any decent schools in this area? I have two teenagers, how is the school system and drug situation in this area? Any info you can give for this area would be greatly appreciated....Thanks
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  3. by   ruralnurs
    I went to HS in CF, now live 120 miles away. Drugs are bad in Montana in general. I was born and raised here and we have poverty, ignorance, mental illness, and that combines with drugs. Montana is the 3rd in the nation for abuse of precriptin drugs by minors. We also are one of the leaders for meth. It is easy to get and easy to make.

    I teach at Salish Kootenai College, it is a good one and accepts LPNs. Don't know about the job situatin in CF, have not been there in years. Montana typically has a much lower wage than most other states.

    Good luck!
  4. by   heather-olvn
    thanks. I kinda figured out about the job situation in CF area.
    We are now looking at maybe moving to Gunnison, CO.
  5. by   ruralnurs
    Montana is beautiful and very nice in many ways but the wages are low and the cost of living is high. It is hard for people to move here unless they have good well paying jobs. As an FNP I have seen families move here with wide eyes and a love for the type of area, and then slowly realize they can't make it here. Especially if they moved from someplace where they could live in a higher socioeconomic class.
    Good luck where ever you go.