Which MO Programs Are Good, Which Are Not?? Advice please.

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    I am about to finish my Bachelor's in Business and have decided I would like to pursue becoming a RN. Since I've already been in school for 4 years I would like to do that as quickly as possible. I see that most schools offer accelerated programs. I also am not sure if I am missing some programs because when I have googled schools I think I've found most but my friend goes to Central Methodist University in Fayette and it never showed in the results. I didn't know if maybe it wasn't accredited or something. I can go to school in either St. Louis or the Columbia, MO area where I live now.

    Could some of you experts please enlighten me as to what schools in the St. Louis and Columbia, MO areas are good programs with good reps and what I should possibly stay away from or that are not accredited??? I need advice.

    Also, many of these programs seem to want you to apply very very far in advance. I was hoping to take my science pre-reqs while waiting for the session I will take to start but if I have to have them done by the time I apply it may be a long time. Anyways, that's my issue I guess.

    Any advice would be SOOO helpful!!! THANK YOU!!!!

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    I think most of the schools in either area are considered good. About the only place I have seen "cautions" about is Sanford Brown.

    I believe a good place to look up schools would be through www.discovernursing.com. They used to have a pretty thorough list of accredited schools across the U.S.

    I graduated from one of the St. Louis Community Colleges. I know UMSL and maybe Barnes has an accelerated program. Other than the fact that they're intense, I think I've only read good things about them. I have worked with graduates from St. Charles Community College and Jefferson CC, but of course those would be standard ADN programs also.

    I'm not familiar with what's offered in Columbia; have you checked to see if Mizzou has an accelerated program if that's what you're interested in? I understand their traditional nursing program is excellent also.

    I would start with the site I listed above, then start making phone calls. Get a feel for the people where you are interested in going, find out where you stand academically and entrance-wise, and then make a decision from there that works for you.

    Here's also a link to the MO State Board of Nursing that has schools listed along with Pass Rates. Click on the link to each to find some pretty detailed information:

    Best wishes!!
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    I know that Barnes, UMSL, and SLU all have accelerated programs. Barnes also has a 2 year program that isn't accelerated, but you still earn your BSN.

    As far as pre-reqs go it should take about a year for most of the requirements (it varies depending on the school). I started mine last January (2008) and applied for the accelerated program at Barnes in June with about half of my pre-reqs to go. I was accepted in August for the May 2009 class and in the mean time finished pre-reqs in December.

    Hope that helps
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    Hey! As far as a quick list as "good" nursing schools in St. Louis:

    -Barnes-Jewish Goldfarb School of Nursing
    -UMSL School of Nursing
    -SLU School of Nursing
    -St. Louis Comm. College
    -St. Charles Comm. College

    I would AVOID both Sanford-Brown and Chamberlain. This advice would come directly from my stepmom who is a head nurse of her division. She controls the hiring of all of her staff, and they won't even consider applicants from those schools. I myself am going to Barnes, and as the previous posters said--there are multiple options for an accelerated degree. Those being SLU, UMSL, Barnes. (I'm actually not 100% UMSL has one, they do though I'm sure).

    Yeah, about 1 year of prereqs minimum. Good luck on your search!
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    Yes, UMSL does have an accelerated 15 month program. All of the schools everyone listed already are great from what I hear..St. Louis is lucky enough to have so many great programs around
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    Does anybody know if there is an exit exam (Hesi, ATI...) for the accelerated programs at SLU, UMSL or Barnes??? If yes, what is the score you have to get in order to earn your BSN?
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    SLU has you take a pharmacology HESI in early spring. Then you take a Comprehensive HESI exam in late spring. If you do not get a 950 on the comprehensive HESI test (which statistically gives you a 95% chance of passing boards), you must take a review coure (built into your spring schedule) and retake the HESI again in May. This review class is included in one of your course grades. However, Passing is NOT required for graduating.
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    What percentage of the review class is factored into one of your courses? Can you elaborate more about the review course.
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    I saw your response regarding nursing schools in St. Louis area........I attend Lutheran school of nursing (which is diploma prog) but our credits do transfer. Does your mother consider any graduates from our school? Thanks.
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    Quote from surviveslu
    What percentage of the review class is factored into one of your courses? Can you elaborate more about the review course.
    You are required to complete a certain amount of review quizzes out of NCLEX review book per week during the class. You are not required to get a certain percentage on these quizzes. You are simply given credit for completing the quizzes. I think it is 15% of our Leadership in Nursing course. (I'm not 100% sure on the specifics because I didn't have to take the class).

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