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:wavey: welcome to the missouri state forum! why not 'show me' what part of the state you all are from? suebird :)... Read More

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    Well I'm not actually in St. Louis but I will be moving back this summer after I finish this semester and take my CNA classes. I will be enrolled ar St. Louis Community College-Meramec this fall. I will be finishing my pre-nursing classes. Well I hope someone is out there that will be going there this fall also.

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    Welcome and best wishes EBT! Meramec is an excellent community college and I hope you are not disappointed in your experiences there. Be sure to get input from fellow students on the best teachers for your prereqs; it's a surefire way to make sure you get the most out these classes!!
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    Aloha, I am in Liberty, MO about 15 - 20 minutes out of Kansas City. Born and raised in Hawaii, so this is a new adventure for myself and my 'ohana. Am currently researching nursing school options and in process of fulfilling my pre req's.

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    Hi, I'm new to the forum! I live in Southwest Missouri were all we seem to be getting lately is:
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    Hello! I'm new to the board from Southwest Missouri!
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    oops, double post!
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    Hi, I'm new here. I live in St. Charles and have two kids. Now that the youngest is off to school I can't wait to become a nurse! I am planning on attending Barnes-Jewish fall '09.
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    I have the same situation as Little Doe.
    I also live in St. Charles and my youngest just started Kindergarten.
    Taking pre-reqs right now at SCC, and set to begin BJC accelerated in Jan.
    Fairly new to Missouri, so I'm looking forward to insight on the job prospects here.
    Nice to (virtually) meet you all!
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    Yowzer...glad to find this place! Currently in Oregon with high liklihood of moving to K.C. MO soon. Have started the licensing process & decided to go for MO and KS both since K.C. is split by the states. Hoping to find a job in a smaller, more rural area, either ambulatory surgery center or private surgeon's office. Will be living in Gladstone area. Seems I should expect a pay cut with all I've been reading (I have 24 years experience - wow, that really makes me feel oooold! ). Been a while since I've made such a huge move - at present hospital 18+ years & time for a change. Still it's scary, the whole idea of getting out there into who know's what kind of battles? :smiley_ab So I'm relying on all of you to point me in the right direction - what to watch out for, what to look for -- please, keep posting on these forums - they're very helpful.
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    Does anyone know what the opportunities in Rolla are for RN's besides PCRMC and is the hospital okay to work at?

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