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    I am #8 on the waitlist for Goldfarb's nursing program at Washington University for Spring 2011 term (2-year Upper Division BSN Program). They said that the class contains 70 students, but that my chances are 'very good'. How is it possible? Wouldn't roughly 15% of the class have to change their minds for me to get in? I am confused

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    did they send out a letter or something telling you that or did you call to find out your place on the list?
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    I received a letter.
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    I don't mean 2 be a bother but when did you actuall get your letter.i sent out all my information 2 them about a month ago and have nt heard anything yet
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    It took a few months before I got a letter, so you don't have to worry
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    More than 15 percent of the students they admitted will not go there. So many people apply to multiple programs, I would say you have an excellent chance. I was in the same situation around the same spot on the wait list in a smaller program. Got in and now have one year left!
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    Hii i was wondering does the waiting list go by quickly? I was told i was for
    fall 2012 # 78
    Spring 2013 #90
    Summer 2013 #50

    With numbers that high do you think theres a high chance for fall? please reply back

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