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UMSL Accelerated BSN Program

  1. 0 I am interesting in applying for UMSL Accelerated BSN for Spring 2010. I met with an adivsor, and she told me I can apply before I finish taking my pre reqs, as long as I complete it before the program starts. The advisor suggested I applied by the early admit deadline in September, and pay $125 to hold my spot if accepted. So I was going to take classes this summer, fall, and winter at STLCC. However, I wanted to know if I have to have the grades reported before the program starts, because STLCC winter 2010 semester ends right before the program starts, and I wouldn't find out my grades until about a week or so later. So should I try to take the pre reqs I need before winter 2010?
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    You need to have your pre reqs completed by May...I'm applying too!!
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    Quote from STL-RN Student
    You need to have your pre reqs completed by May...I'm applying too!!
    Thanks for responding! I spoken to the advisor and she assured me that most applicants take classes the winter semester. You just have to have your teacher send a letter telling what grade you earned to UMSL, or if your grades are posted online, email/send a copy of that.
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    You are correct--I took classes the Winter semester before starting the program (I'm in the accelerated program at UMSL right now--will be done in 3 more months!!) I just had my teachers email my adviser (of course, after giving them consent to email them!)

    If either of you have any questions, just shoot me a message and I'll try to respond soon! Good luck