Starting the Fall 2013 Term at Goldfarb School of Nursing

  1. I'm starting in the fall 2013 and wanted to see if there was anyone else starting then. I'll be in the upper division at Goldfarb BSN program. Orientation starts on August 8th and I'm excited to finally see what is going to happen.

    Someone had suggested to review my A & P classes that I've taken, which I think is a good idea. I thought I should also study medical terminology.

    I just wanted to see who is out there. I know I will try to get into a study group once school starts.

    Little over 2 months before school starts....

    Any other suggestions?
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  3. by   TaeRN
    I'll be at the Mo Baptist Location
  4. by   missbreez
    I am starting in the Fall 13 too. I'm nervous but excited!! I will be at the orientation too. A lot of stuff to get taken care of before then!!! Hopefully the five terms will go quickly and we will be nurses before we know it!!!!
  5. by   missbreez
    Oh and the upper division for the central west end campus is on August 9th. I received a few emails with mix ups so I wanted to make sure I mentioned it was on the 9th!!
  6. by   TaeRN
    Hi!I got another emailing stating orientation is August 8th. I think august 9th was a typo. I've I'll ready started to find books that we need online. They are so expensive at their book store. I got the pathophyisilogy off of craigslist for 50. I heard it's a really hard class, so I'm just going to start reading it. I love this site you can find a lit of useful information. So it looks like we will see each at school. August
  7. by   missbreez
    Yes!!! I'm nervous a little!!! I need to get some books as well. I heard patho is hard but I loved my a&p class so I won't mind studying it. I have some tips for studying it too!!! My name is Bree! I have stats this summer to finish up then I am good to go! I left stats as my last class in a summer accelerated term. Lol. I am going to start buying books as well!!!
  8. by   missbreez
    Oh and please call them for your clarification. Our orientation is the 9th for upper division at cwe campus. I had to email them a few times. They had a bunch of errors on the dates in their emails
  9. by   missbreez
    I read your post again. You will be at the mobap location. That is the 8th. I'll be at the central west end campus and ours is the 9th! Lol. So we are at different locations. Hahaah
  10. by   TaeRN
    Oh, lol. Yeah different locations. My name is Tammy. It's funny about the stats class because I did the same thing. Left it for my last class for the summer and just finished with it last week. Please tell. Me what study tips you have. I could use any that you got.
  11. by   missbreez
    Tammy, send me an email at and ill explain it all in an email!! -Bree

    I have two weeks left of stats. I'll be happy when it's over!
  12. by   BSNRN2015
    Hi Bree! I'll be starting UD Fall 2013 with you at CWE!!
    I'm super excited and Nervous.
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  13. by   BSNRN2015
    Ill be going through trenches at the same time!! At the CWE location.
  14. by   lillygirl12
    Hi, I am starting this fall at CWE location too. I am so excited. How do you guys know what books we need already?