Starting salary for LPN new grad?

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    This probably has been brought up before but I couldn't find the right information. I am a new grad LPN from California applying for jobs in Missouri. I sent out my application to the Mizzou medical center and they told me that the starting pay for a new grad LPN was 13.15, while I had put my minimum salary at 16.00/hr since that's more realistic for Southern California. Is 13.15 the norm or is Mizzou just being cheap? I know the cost of living in Missouri is far less than Southern California, but can you really live off 13/hr???

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    Well, I haven't been an LPN for about 3 years now but....the most I ever made around missouri (with 10 years exp.) was 14.65/hr. A nursing home I worked at was 14/hr. Nusing homes always pay more then hospitals. I know around KC you can make about 16.00-20.00 working agency. I am clueless about Mizzou since I'm from the western side of MO. Our hospital starts new grads out at around 11/hr with 10% shift diff. I worked for the state of Missouri as an LPN II- and made about 14.65/hr( they are pretty set in their salary and have facilities all over the state). I hope this gives u a good idea. California wadges are way higher then this area- more people- higher cost of living- etc. Good new here is u can rent a newer 3 bedroom 2 bath house in a really really nice neighborhood for less then 1,000/month, in a suburb. Gas is 1.39-1.45/gal (today) and the serenity of small town living is priceless.
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    Ok that's good to hear. I got a call from Mizzou today asking for an interview so hopefully it goes well.

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