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    Quote from ditacy81
    I'm currently in their program. If you have any questions, just shoot! :-)
    I gather you're in the 1-year (or is that 15 months?) accelerated BSN program?

    Prior to starting, did you do comparisons with the Barnes/Goldfarb 1-year accelerated BSN program? And if so, what were your conclusions? I think I'm going to go with Barnes, particularly b/c it costs less than SLU, but would appreciate your insight. Thank you!

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    Quote from butterfly04
    [FONT=Arial Narrow]I've been searching for information about St.Louis University's accelerated BSN program for people who already have a degree and I can't seem to find much! I've been on their website but there's just basic information. I've searched through all the forums and I haven't come up with much, which I'm really surprised about! I thought a lot more people would be talking about this program! Has anyone applied to the program? Been through the program? Or have any information about the program? I would really appreciate your help!

    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Thanks! I look forward to a response!
    I am also in their Accelerated program right now.

    We have an interprofessional seminar with med students, but that is all. As for the SLU hospital tuition repayment, they used to pay the entire amount of your loan, they don't do that anymore. 2/3 has to be a stretch too, because tuition is $45k and they certainly don't pay $30K. I have friends that have investigated working at SLU hospital after graduation, and they pay somewhere between 12-and 15K tuition repayment (can't remember exactly), taxable.
    I chose Saint Louis University because of the school's reputation, the fact that I could finish in a year, and the amount of prerequisites they require is less than the other acc programs in the area. However, it is probably the most expensive. I figured in the extra year that it would take me to finish all of the extra prereqs that UMSL requires, I could be earning at least twice my existing income with an RN salary. The price difference still puts me ahead with one year's RN income.
    I won't more kids, I don't have time to mess around, and I want my Master's sooner rather than later, and I am highly self-motivated, so accelerated was definitely for me.
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    Quote from listener
    I gather you're in the 1-year (or is that 15 months?) accelerated BSN program?

    Prior to starting, did you do comparisons with the Barnes/Goldfarb 1-year accelerated BSN program? And if so, what were your conclusions? I think I'm going to go with Barnes, particularly b/c it costs less than SLU, but would appreciate your insight. Thank you!
    I know this question wasn't posed to me, but I am also in the program at SLU.

    It's twelve months, May to May. Barnes didn't start their accelerated program until Fall 2008, so when I was applying, it wasn't even up and running yet.
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    I was wanting to know if you could answer a few question for me about the accel BSN program you are in. I'm looking to start next may and wanted some opinions and advice.....admissions, class, attrition.

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    Go ahead and ask whatever question you would like. Just found out today the school's "retention rate" is 94%.
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    Thanks for your very helpful information. I'm contemplating taking a visit soon and really want to know as much as I can about the program besides what the admissions contact tells me.

    The program sounds strong. I was wandering if the SLU hospital is still hiring graduates and how much debt they offer.

    If there is anything else you think I should know, ex.. cost of living, program weakness, strength, positives, negatives - I'd greatly appreciate your insight.

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    wonder tech, thank you so much!!!

    all the best on your exam and your future nursing career!!
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    Can you share what your typical courses and clinical rotations are like on a weekly basis? For instance, how many hours in clinical, classroom, clinical facilities, schedule...just anything that you think would be useful for an incoming student to be prepared and know about. Perhaps it could be something that you thought or expect would be but it turns out to be more than or less than. Anything you're willing to share about currently being in the program would be really helpful.
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    Hello surviveslu,

    SLU's program is kinda of top heavy with theory, and for me, the summer was the hardest part.

    There are three semesters: Summer, Fall, and Spring. Each of these three semesters have two sessions, so to speak.

    In the first part of Summer (first five weeks or so, until around July 4th), you will be in class pretty much 8-4 Monday through Friday, with an hour lunch. Several of those days you will have solid theory ALL DAY. These are very long days, bring a pillow for your butt. You also have a good deal of labs, where you learn different skills, sterile procedures, how take blood pressure etc.
    All of this is built into the 8 hours a day.

    The classes that you have in the first part of summer are...
    Communication (you have a very touchy feely lab associated with this)
    Health Assessment
    Intro to Clinical Decision Making

    In the second part of Summer, you have....
    still have Pharmacology.
    You finally start your clinicals, in Maternity.
    So, if I remember correctly, you have 3 days of theory and two days of clinical, M-F.

    After this, you have a month break! very nice, but it was difficult for me to come back to the program after being away. But Fall is easier!

    So the first part of fall, this is your schedule:
    Monday 8-3pm Class (Lifespan Lecture, covering a specific topic in pediatric, adult and geriatric populations; and a Leadership in Nursing course)
    Tuesday 7-3pm Clinical (either Pediatric, Adult, or Geriatric Med-Surge)
    Wednesday 7-3pm Clinical (see above)
    Thursday 8-10 Class (either Psych or Public Health)
    Friday 8-10 Class (Pharmacology)

    So in the fall, you will have either Psych or Public Health. Whichever one you have, you will have the corresponding clinical 10:30-5pm on either Thursday OR Friday.
    The good news is that you will have either Thursday OR Friday after 10am OFF! Woo-hoo!
    So the second half of Fall is basically the same. You will change Lifespan clinical sites. If you have peds first, you will have adult or gero next.

    In the fall, you can CHOOSE to add an elective in the evening. I did, you don't have to.

    There is a week break in fall and a month long Christmas break.

    In Spring, the first half is very similar to Fall.
    M: 8-3pm class (Lifespan and Leadership course)
    T: 7-3pm Lifespan clinical
    W: 7-3pm Lifespan clinical
    T: 8-10 am class Psych or Public Health (whichever you didn't have in Fall)
    F: 8-10am class more Psych or Public Health (whichever you didn't have in the Fall) (the first half of spring is toploaded with Psych or Public health theory)

    And then again, on either Thursday OR Friday you will have corresponding Psych or Public Health clinical 10:30-5pm.

    The second half of spring is kind of too confusing to write about. But, you do your Comprehensive clinical during this time, and you get to put in requests where you get to be for this! very exciting! You also can choose to take an evening elective in the Spring.

    So sorry if this is too overwhelming. I am the kind of person that likes details, like to know what I am in for. The good new is... Summer is the hardest, Fall and the first part of Spring is easier, then the second half of spring is hectic, but by then, you're almost done!

    Let me know if you have any other questions.....
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    You're really so much help to me. I appreciate it. Do you mind sharing what your study habits are like in order to succeed? I'd like to know a little bit more about the exams in the first five weeks in the summer. What was it like for you -- how did they test you? Please comment about anything good or bad from your perspective. Thanks.
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