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Is there anyone else possibly attending St Charles Community College in the fall for Nursing? If so what all have you heard about the program and etc? Or is there anyone that has completed the... Read More

  1. by   kbaum91
    I just do NOT understand why you didn't get in. (or your friend!). That's so dumb. Those are very similar to my stats, so maybe I should start looking somewhere else too. I just emailed them to ask basically, am I a competitive applicant or not. Let me know what they say about you--like, are you on the list for January, why you didn't get in, etc. Very interested to know because I definitely would have thought youd get in. I'm so sorry again though!
  2. by   katg
    Thanks for saying that. To say I'm short of devestated just wouldn't be accurate. I can't even get anyone there to call or email me back. I am looking into UMSL right now. If anyone ever lets me know anything I'll pass it along.
  3. by   kbaum91
    Did you ever get your letter? I'm hoping no news from you is good news...