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Hello Everyone! I have been accepted to Saint Louis University's Accelerated One-Year BSN program and was wondering if anyone else has applied/been accepted to the program. I'd love to connect with others starting this May or who... Read More

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    Hi! I was accepted to the program starting May 2014. I was wondering if any of you currently in the program could tell me how you like it and some details of the program are. Thanks so much!

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    Congrats on being accepted to SLU! It's currently our finals week, so I don't have a ton of time to write a long response, but if you are anything like I was a year ago, you are super excited to receive any information about the program so I wanted to post a quick note. I've loved the program so far and for me it was the right decision to come here. It has definitely been a busy year, but not overwhelming that you have no time for anything don't let some of the other articles out there about accelerated programs scare you. The link earlier in this thread gives a pretty good idea of the flow of the year so if you haven't already, check that out. The summer is the worst to get through (so far), because it is so theory heavy --- which is necessary before you start doing your clinicals in the hospital, just mentally taxing, especially when it is so nice outside! On the bright side, you will spend so much time with your class this summer and basically have the run of the SON that you'll all become super close. Fall has still been busy, but being in the hospitals is way better than being in a classroom all week. You're schedule here is really dependent on when your clinical instructors are available and/or the hospitals have availability for you to be on the floor. This semester I've done both 6 and 12 hour shifts on weekdays and a few Saturdays. Of course you still have class time as well - but not every day 8 to 4 like in the summer. Whew... this got a little longer than the quick response I was initially planning -- I've got to get back to the books. Let me know if you have any specific questions, and congratulations, again!
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    Thank you SO much for the info! Yes I'm super excited and I'm trying to find out as much info as I possibly can lol. I'm relieved to hear you say that there is still time to do things. I'm just really concerned about pharm and patho. I do have a few questions for you. How are the professors? And do you work? And where have you done your clinicals so far? Sorry for so many questions just respond back when it's convenient for you! Thanks and hopefully your finals went well!!
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    Hey Krackley09, I'll add to what asteck said and try to answer some of your questions.

    Yes, there is still time to do things...sometimes. There are occasional happy hours that we organize after a particularly trying test, or maybe the day before everyone leaves for a break. When school is in session though my friends and family know that I am busy as all hell and won't be doing much else aside from school associated things.

    As asteck said the summer is definitely intense. You are in class from 8-4 every day with a 1 hr lunch break. That's a lot of time sitting on your ass. The last half of the summer you have pharm and patho combinded (and don't forget a test every week). During that first semester my days pretty much consisted of going to class, coming home for a quick run/eat dinner and then study till midnight, go to sleep, repeat. Even that didn't feel like enough for me and I studied every weekend. Never drank, just studied. If you are looking to get through your classes with B's and C's you can probably get by with a less studying and more fun. I wanted all A's and I studied my ass off to get all A's. If you don't plan on pursuing a further degree after getting your BSN then I would say to give yourself a break and just make the grades. A nurse is a nurse is a nurse regardless of GPA. But if you want to become an NP or get your master's I would definitely keep those grades up.

    Most of the professors are great, especially during the summer. I can think of 2 professors that I have not cared for out of roughly 10. They are all pretty fair and most of them understand when a question is written poorly, or they'll give a couple points back if 70% of the class misses a question. Just like any school though you will have teachers you do not like, and teachers that you butt heads with. Some professors cannot be reasoned with, the only right answer is the one that they tell you and forget what any other resource says. That's just the way it is.

    Very few people work in the program. It is not recommended and I definitely wouldn't work during the summer. I remember thinking "I'll work during the program as a care partner or something and then have a foot in the door at that hospital." Well guess what, I have an open position as a care partner at a hospital and I haven't worked there a single day, I just haven't had the time (and believe me I could use the money!). I have noticed others starting to work a bit more during this spring semester, mostly making home visits to wipe butts for those who can't. Personally, I don't think that's the gig that's going to give you a leg up on the rest of your nursing class.

    PM me with other questions and I'll try to respond in a timely fashion.
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    Hey Krackley09, apparently I don't have enough "quality posts" to send a PM. Yes, I do like the program! However it is far from perfect. Clinicals are sometimes poorly organized, I've had a couple professors either not show for class or just cancel class outright. Not a big deal unless you have a drive 30 min to class only to find out it's canceled. Some professors also give poor feedback, or no feedback when you have questions or would like to see your grades. As I type this I'm realizing that most of these issues are on the professors and not on the program itself. (And most of the professors are really great).

    Sheila Leander is the current coordinator for the accelerated option. No doubt you've see her name somewhere. Do not be afraid to get in contact with her! She is very nice and loves to talk (sometimes too much, haha). I know when I was hungry for answers before the program I was afraid I would get on the faculty's nerves before I was even able to start! Sometimes you wonder where the hell your $60k is going when you have to reuse a catheter for demonstrations instead of getting to open a new one. But overall I am happy with the way things are. The best part is that it's only a 12 month program and you are already accepted. Other schools in the area are anywhere from 15-18 months and I don't think Goldfarb is even accepting students until 2015 or so.

    I addressed the job question in the previous post. Every person is different and you'll soon figure out whether you can handle working or not. I opted not to and I do not regret it.
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    Hi malenurseftw!

    Thanks for getting back to me! Your infomation about the program is super helpful!

    I plan on trying to get the best grades I can, so I have accepted the fact that I will not have a social life for a year.

    So pharm and patho are combined? I am very concerned about that now. I thought one was taken the first half of summer and the other was taken the second half.

    I am glad to hear you like the program overall. I was accepted to Goldfarb's Upper Division program, but I felt SLU would be a better fit for me and I want to get done with school sooner rather than later.

    I believe you answered my questions I have for now, if I think of anymore I will let you know
    Thanks again!
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    Hello all! I'm glad I ran across this post. I'm also getting ready to start the program in May '14 and i'm getting pretty amped. I can't wait to move to the area and start connecting with people. I was curious how easy it is to connect with people for living situations? I would love finding a roommate that also goes to SLU. I'm wondering if there are many others looking for a place after orientation? Otherwise I will probably just find a place online and get moved in beforehand. Thanks for any help!
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    Hello Everyone - I'm not sure if Sally has emailed you all or not, but a facebook group has been created to help with the "handoff" from this year's accelerated class to the next one (you guys!!!). It's just another forum to ask questions, give advice, and for current student to sell items. Thought I'd post it on here in case you haven't seen it.
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    Hey Bnsboy. I connected with my roommate initially through email in January. I got her information from our recruitment specialist (is that still Scott for you guys?!), so I would ask him if anyone else has inquired yet. Otherwise, I know at orientation they started an email list with students interested in having a roommate so that would definitely be an option. Don't worry if you haven't lined this up yet, I know a lot of individuals in our class didn't know their roommates at this time. One other option if you are going to be on campus anytime this spring would be to walk through the school of nursing or school of medicine (etc.) and look for flyers looking for roommates. There usually are some posted on bulletin boards in the buildings you could look into.
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    I am looking into SLU's ABSN program but not until May 2015 - I already have a BS from another university and just wanted to ask about pre-req's. I have all of them completed but I have a few B's so I do not know if I should retake those courses before applying . Would anyone be willing to share their gpa and if they had any experience in health care before applying?

    Any info would be great!

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