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Hello Everyone! I have been accepted to Saint Louis University's Accelerated One-Year BSN program and was wondering if anyone else has applied/been accepted to the program. I'd love to connect with... Read More

  1. by   Bsnboy
    Hello all! I'm glad I ran across this post. I'm also getting ready to start the program in May '14 and i'm getting pretty amped. I can't wait to move to the area and start connecting with people. I was curious how easy it is to connect with people for living situations? I would love finding a roommate that also goes to SLU. I'm wondering if there are many others looking for a place after orientation? Otherwise I will probably just find a place online and get moved in beforehand. Thanks for any help!
  2. by   as_nurse
    Hello Everyone - I'm not sure if Sally has emailed you all or not, but a facebook group has been created to help with the "handoff" from this year's accelerated class to the next one (you guys!!!). It's just another forum to ask questions, give advice, and for current student to sell items. Thought I'd post it on here in case you haven't seen it.
  3. by   as_nurse
    Hey Bnsboy. I connected with my roommate initially through email in January. I got her information from our recruitment specialist (is that still Scott for you guys?!), so I would ask him if anyone else has inquired yet. Otherwise, I know at orientation they started an email list with students interested in having a roommate so that would definitely be an option. Don't worry if you haven't lined this up yet, I know a lot of individuals in our class didn't know their roommates at this time. One other option if you are going to be on campus anytime this spring would be to walk through the school of nursing or school of medicine (etc.) and look for flyers looking for roommates. There usually are some posted on bulletin boards in the buildings you could look into.
  4. by   brinnym3

    I am looking into SLU's ABSN program but not until May 2015 - I already have a BS from another university and just wanted to ask about pre-req's. I have all of them completed but I have a few B's so I do not know if I should retake those courses before applying . Would anyone be willing to share their gpa and if they had any experience in health care before applying?

    Any info would be great!