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Hello Everyone! I have been accepted to Saint Louis University's Accelerated One-Year BSN program and was wondering if anyone else has applied/been accepted to the program. I'd love to connect with... Read More

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    Hello All,

    Randomly googled "who's been accepted to the accelerated nursing program at SLU" and came across this thread.

    I've also been accepted to SLU's accelerated program coming this May and I'm pretty excited! I went to SLU for my undergraduate degree and graduated a few years ago. Nursing has always been something that interested me and I finally decided to forego my current career path and reach out to some accelerated programs. I was very pleased when I got my acceptance letter!

    For those of you from out of town looking for a place there are several good areas (though I wouldn't say any area is completely safe) including the Central West End, areas around Washington University Danforth Campus, and especially laid back areas like Shrewsbury, Maplewood, and Webster Groves. Keep in mind you won't be walking to school from there but it isn't a far drive. Someone earlier mentioned the Coronado. These apartments are nice, but the prices are pretty high due to being across the street from SLU's main campus. Keep in mind this isn't where our nursing classes will be, I believe much (if not all) takes place on the med campus, which is a little further down Grand. Coronado is going to be a lot of partying undergrads and you will still have to drive to your nursing classes. I'd recommend one of the places I mentioned above where you can find a quiet, 1 bedroom apartment, for between 450-600. Georgetown apartments may be worth looking into in Shrewsbury. It's a safe complex but their one bedrooms will be closer to 600 I think.

    Having already had my bachelors from SLU I (very fortunately) had many of my prereqs out of the way. Just finishing up A&P II this semester and then I'll be ready to go! Was a heck of a process getting new vaccinations, records for medical history, doing these prereqs, filling out FAFSA, etc. But we're almost there! Feel free to respond to this post or message me if there is anything else you'd like to ask or talk about.

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    Hey everyone! I am excited to meet all of you! A question on places to live..does anyone know whether or not the area around the med campus and south grand are decent places to live?
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    Unfortunately, swhirls, I do not know. I know the area gets safer the closer you get to Tower Grove Park but it's not the best area (not to mention you'll probably have to walk a mile from TGP). The Saum apartments are on South Grand and looked somewhat reasonably priced but I don't know anything about who lives there or what the conditions are like, also about 1/3rd of a mile hike - though depending on when classes and clinicals are you might be able get by without having to walk in the dark. Sorry, wish I was more help! Might be a question worth emailing an advisor about.
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    Hey! Glad to hear from a few others who will be starting at SLU - I'll be excited to meet you all in person. Is everyone planning on going to the orientation? I can't wait to get there and hear a little more about what we are in store for the next 12 months!

    Also, I won't be able to offer a ton of advice about housing as I'm from out of state, but I was down there a couple weeks ago to look at places and really liked the CWE - for what it's worth. Good luck to everyone with their housing search.
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    I will be attending the orientation this month! Did you get any info about what time it is? All I know is that last year it was from 10-4.
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    I got a packet in the mail today that explains a lot about the orientation, background check, drug screen, etc. It looks like the orientation starts at 10:30 but they ask you to be there by 10:00. Official run time is from 10:00-3:00. I wonder how much of that time they are explaining things about the program and how much of that time is a meet and greet.

    I did go pick up my scrubs today though. We're getting close!
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    Great, thanks! I recently moved so I guess the change of address is holding my info packet up. I'm so excited about getting my first set of scrubs I always get excited with the book/supplies buying process... and then a week into it I can't wait to never touch them again lol
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    See you this week at orientation - I can't wait to meet everyone!
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    Hi Everyone,
    I just recently changed my graduate plans and will be joining the May 2013 SLU ABSN class! I am very excited to begin and meet everyone! However since I changed my plans so late I missed the orientation meeting in March. Can anyone fill me in on what went on and what was discussed? Additionally does anyone know about finding a roommate or know of a forum or website where people from our class are looking for a roommate? I live in Dallas and feel like I missed out at orientation! I can’t wait to start class and meet everyone in May though!
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    Hi Kenz13!
    Glad you'll be joining us in May - I'll look forward to meeting you then. The orientation was really just an overview of what to expect and a good chance to meet people. So in that regard it is a bummer you didn't know your plans at the time so you could participate, but it's not like you are missing absolute imperative information. If you have any specific questions let us know and hopefully one of us will be able to answer them. They did give us a folder with a lot of information - student advice, equipment, book lists for summer, schedule, etc. I would assume if you emailed Scott he'd be able to send that information to you electronically for you to review. There was also a lot of talk about financial aid - big take away, if you are planning on doing FASFA you should complete for both the 2012-13 and 2013-14 (SLU school code is 002506). If you have specific questions about your package they seemed really friendly and willing to help so I'd just give them a call. As far as the schedule goes it definitely is accelerated, but I guess we all knew what we were getting in to -more or less! =) With the exception of the first week of the summer session, we'll have a test every week - and usually it was like 2 or 3.... We do follow the normal academic calendar for SLU, which you can find on their website, so we will have a break between summer and fall sessions, fall break, holidays, etc. I'm sure they will be very welcomed! As far as people looking for a roommate I know they had a list of emails going at orientation. I believe they were going to email that info out to interested people after orientation and they could really coordinate from there. Again, I'm sure if you contact Scott he could get that list to you so you could contact people. There were several interested individuals, so hopefully that will work out for you. I know I actually found my roommate via email originally provided by Scott back in Feb. so it can work. If you have other specific questions, let us know. Again, look forward to meeting you in May!

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