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scrub colors in KC hospitals

  1. 0 i researched this and could find no thread discusing this issue. what are the kc area hospital scrub requirements regarding colors?
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    Truman Medical Centers requires navy blue scrubs for RN's, and LPN's
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    Thanks for the information. Are the RNs required to wear solids or is it simply a color scheme?
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    solid navy blue
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    St. Luke's Hospital (on the Plaza) has no scrub color requirement, however the RN's wear a purple extension from their badge that says "RN" in large bold letters to avoid confusion.
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    [font=book antiqua]thanks dawn,
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    [font=book antiqua]i notice your specialty is neuro-surgical icu. how does sicu differ from med-surg nursing? are you involved in any or activities or do you just work on the pre/post op patients? what are the most common types of issues do you deal with on a daily basis? are there any nps working in your unit?

    [font=book antiqua]thanks dawn
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    St. Lukes East in Lees Summit requires solid white or ceil blue for RNs, or a combination of both colors can be worn.
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    Lee's Summit Medical Center requires navy blue for RN's and LPN's. Hunter Green is for the PCT's and CNA's.
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    teal which i hate but thats in school i just hope i get a better color when i start working
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    At Research and Centerpoint, any color is OK.
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    St. Joseph Medical Center where I used to work has no color requirement, but only that you can't wear cartoon tops.
    Children's mercy has no rules regarding colors/patterns, etc.