scrub colors in KC hospitals

  1. i researched this and could find no thread discusing this issue. what are the kc area hospital scrub requirements regarding colors?
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  3. by   JDA64052
    Truman Medical Centers requires navy blue scrubs for RN's, and LPN's
  4. by   Nurse Man-ingitis
    Thanks for the information. Are the RNs required to wear solids or is it simply a color scheme?
  5. by   JDA64052
    solid navy blue
  6. by   ExAirBagRN
    St. Luke's Hospital (on the Plaza) has no scrub color requirement, however the RN's wear a purple extension from their badge that says "RN" in large bold letters to avoid confusion.
  7. by   Nurse Man-ingitis
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    [font=book antiqua]i notice your specialty is neuro-surgical icu. how does sicu differ from med-surg nursing? are you involved in any or activities or do you just work on the pre/post op patients? what are the most common types of issues do you deal with on a daily basis? are there any nps working in your unit?

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  8. by   RNpandoraRN
    St. Lukes East in Lees Summit requires solid white or ceil blue for RNs, or a combination of both colors can be worn.
  9. by   shoegalRN
    Lee's Summit Medical Center requires navy blue for RN's and LPN's. Hunter Green is for the PCT's and CNA's.
  10. by   simonton816
    teal which i hate but thats in school i just hope i get a better color when i start working
  11. by   gigi_rn
    At Research and Centerpoint, any color is OK.
  12. by   by_grace
    St. Joseph Medical Center where I used to work has no color requirement, but only that you can't wear cartoon tops.
    Children's mercy has no rules regarding colors/patterns, etc.