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Hey! Has anyone applied to St. Luke's in Kansas City for the Fall of 2012? If so, do you know when we should be recieveing our acceptance letters? Good luck! :)... Read More

  1. by   degratrj
    Does anyone know how much the foundation scholarships are worth and how much the auxiliary scholarship is worth? Anyone start their essay yet? dg
  2. by   Michaela, RN
    The foundation scholarship is anywhere between 1000-2000 depending on the funds available and the year. My first semester I got 1000 and its gone up each semester since. I don't know about the auxiliary.
  3. by   ajf77820
    I think I read the auxiliary is $4000? That seems like a lit, but it would be awesome if it was that much! MichaelaR27, where do you get your books? Do you go through the bookstore or is there somewhere that may be a little cheaper?
  4. by   Michaela, RN
    The first couple of semesters I had to purchase my books through the bookstore because it allowed me to use my loans to pay for them. They were EXPENSIVE compared to other sources. Third semester I purchased them from a friend who is a semester ahead of me. For the final semester I am going through Amazon. When you get your booklist let me know what you need and maybe I can sell you some of mine!
  5. by   degratrj
    Michaela, where did you get your titers done for school? I don't have health insurance and you need doctors orders...Also how much were they?
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  6. by   ajf77820
    Ah I know, books are so darn expensive! I will definitely let you know when I get my booklist, thank you!
  7. by   Michaela, RN
    I didn't have health insurance either. I also did not have a copy of my immunization records so I actually just got the majority of mine redone because it was cheaper than getting titers drawn. I highly suggest contacting St. Luke's Hospital Employee Health because they will do it all free of charge after you receive your student badge...if you can wait that long and still be safe for clinical. Luckily, first semester we didn't start clinical until about 3 weeks in so that gave me extra time. If that doesn't work, I also got some of mine done at the health department, which still costs... but not nearly as much.
  8. by   Michaela, RN
    ajf77820 - Have you enrolled in classes yet? If so, I can tell you how to access your book list.
  9. by   degratrj
    Sweet. I actually do have my records, but I called the employee health and they said they don't have that option to give the immunizations. We get our badges in December I think, so I will try again then. But, glad to know what you did so that I don't have to be worried about 300 worth of titers. AAAhh. Thank you again for being so nice. When I meet you in person I want to buy you a coffee. You have been so helpful for the past year. Incredible. xo. dg
  10. by   Michaela, RN
    Haha, well thank you! I just remember how clueless I felt before school started and figured if I could be of help to someone I would love to be! Glad I've made your journey a little simpler. Let me know if you need anything else.

    What days do you have classes in the Spring? Also, I can PM you my email address in case you'd like to contact me that way... I would probably respond more quickly. Have a great night!
  11. by   degratrj
    I have W class, thursday clinical/lab, friday post-lab. I would love a PM. Another question is this...It was mentioned that this graduating class is the largest that they have had in the schools history at 79. Did that class begin at 96 or is that a recent increase. That is brutal is 17 dropped in 2 years. Yikes. dg
  12. by   Michaela, RN
    Post lab? That must be new.. We didn't do that, but it sounds helpful! No, my class was the first with 96 and although this semester isn't quite over, we'll most likely be headed into the final semester with 91. 96 to 79 would be an awful drop! No worries though, we've lost probably ten but gained a few from the class ahead of us.

    Our schedules are pretty opposite-- class on Monday, clinical Tuesday and SIM on Wednesday, so maybe we'll run I to each other on a Wednesday!
  13. by   NadiaSharifi
    Hi Michaela !

    I don't have the ability to privately message you so I will just reply to this post. I have been accepted to Baker School of Nursing in Topeka and Saint Luke's. I am trying to make a decision between which program to choose, but I am receiving biased advice from many people. I know you go to Saint Luke's now and your advice would be extremely helpful to me.

    Thank you,