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Hey! Has anyone applied to St. Luke's in Kansas City for the Fall of 2012? If so, do you know when we should be recieveing our acceptance letters? Good luck! :)... Read More

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    I received my official stand-by notice today. #61 is not too promising. There's major editing mistakes on this letter. Way to add insult to injury, St. Luke's. Yes, my ego is bruised, but I'll take some serious time before deciding to re-apply.

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    I am in waiting list for fall 2013. I would like to know if anyone in the waiting list get in the program so far. if you got in What # were in the waiting list? I appreciate your answers. thanx
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    I was #4 on the waiting list and was accepted at the beginning of April.
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    Does anyone know what score Saint Luke's looking for on the TEAS V? Are they looking for proficient or above or overall score? Also, does anyone know if you are allowed to take it more than once? I am applying for the January 2014 start and I am very nervous. Thanks!!
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    Does anyone know how many people got accepted from standby list on last semester!!!??
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    I definitely don't know the number, BUT I was #61 and when I emailed at the end of July, I was #31.
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    So are you being accepted for the program??
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    I reapplied for Spring '14 and was accepted.
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    Hey girls, I got my email from Josh but the D2L authentication doesn't work. Did it work for you guys? Also, do you know there is a slc facebook group that is closed? I am happy to add you if you want. It is current students and you are free to ask anything you would like of them. dg
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    What email?

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