Saint Luke's College of Health Sciences - Kansas City - page 15

Hey! Has anyone applied to St. Luke's in Kansas City for the Fall of 2012? If so, do you know when we should be recieveing our acceptance letters? Good luck! :)... Read More

  1. by   Dnanurse
    not soon enough! I keep checking the admission status every 10 minutes! Where else did you apply?
  2. by   RobinsonGirl2
    Not trying to get personal, but does your admission status say complete? I also applied at Graceland.. what about you
  3. by   Dnanurse
    yes, it does! yours doesn't?
  4. by   RobinsonGirl2
    Mine does as well!!! Fingers crossed
  5. by   Dnanurse
    Hi RobinsonGirl2! Have you heard from SL?
  6. by   RobinsonGirl2
    My portal status changed did yours???
  7. by   RobinsonGirl2
    I just check my portal and it's updated
  8. by   Dnanurse
    No , it hasn't changed! What does yours say?
  9. by   Dnanurse
    did you get accepted? You are killing me!! lol
  10. by   gsnodgrass10
    My portal was updated to "Admitted" on Wednesday night last week some time. I called the office on Friday to ask a question and was told no decisions had been made yet... I'm so confused lol. Plus, I'm assuming everyone else got that email on Friday. Just wondering if anyone else has seen a change in their portal
  11. by   Dnanurse
    I got an email on Thursday saying that they were still working on them and to be patient. Is that the email that you received also? My portal hasn't changed. It sounds really strange what happened to you.
  12. by   RobinsonGirl2
    Mine updated as well and said admitted .. they told me to wait for a letter as the update doesn't confirm your in.. But my questions is why would it say admitted and then change to not accepted.. Within the email it said we are working be patient. They lady also told me they have to change your application status before they send anything
  13. by   Dnanurse
    I'm confused! so yours says admitted now or it says not accepted?