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Hello, I was wondering if anyone else is applying for their accelerated programs? Or if anyone can give some inside info about the program! thanks... Read More

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    cm530- Hey, i am going to be in the May 2012 cohort also!!!!... However, I am from St.Louis, so I will not need a place to stay, but I would like to offer you some advice. I would recommend living in South City. It is not too far from campus and the houses/apartments are cheaper then the ones in the SLU area. South City is also cheaper then central west end. If you need any help let me know!

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    Hi cm530! I will also be in the May 2012 cohort and am moving from out of state. I was in St. Louis last weekend and looked at a bunch of places. I don't know if you are interested in looking for a roommate or living alone but let me know as I'd be interested in having a roommate! I can also give you information for some places I looked at. Most places suggested getting applications in sooner rather than later because many of them have waiting lists.
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    Hey Tweets2011! Yeah, lets talk about housing information. We can exchange e-mail addresses or something and try to figure it out! Britbrat, it is nice to find some other people in the program. The Saint Louis University Nursing page on Facebook doesn't really have the new 2012 cohort people communicating. I called SLU and asked how I could meet other students in advance to try and find a roommate and they said try the Facebook page, but Allnurses seems to be working out better right now.

    Are any of you going to the orientation in the end of March at SLU??
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    Hey cm530, feel free to e-mail me at, look forward to hearing from you.
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    Also, which facebook page are you looking at? I've looked up a few but can't really find the group to join. Let me know what you're searching and I'll join so we can connect.
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    That Facebook page may get active towards the end of the semester with people selling books. At least it was when I started the program last May. Our current class has our own Facebook group just for our class, so no one has used that main page.

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