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Hello, My name is Les. I began my college career as a biology student… I decided about a year ago that I wanted to be nurse… I enrolled at SIUE as a prenursing student. At first it was really important to me that I get a BSN... Read More

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    Hey everyone who still would like to attend Forest Park for Nursing, I just wanted to let those who are very interested in getting in faster to go to the admissions office and ask for ******* ****(she handles the Nursing admits), and just tell her that you REALLY REALLY want to get in for what ever semester is getting ready to come up , expecially if you are at a number 100 or less, I was at # 85 in Sept, 2011 and I went in to see her on 2 different occasions and expressed how much I needed and wanted to get in for Spring 2012, about week later I got a letter in the mail saying I was accepted into the Spring 2012 semester...good luck
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    Thanks for the info jluve, when did you originally get on the waiting list at forest park? I was #104 when I got my letter in Sept. so I hope I'm not too far behind.
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    Whats her name? Its blocked out I cant see it
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    Quote from malonejr
    Whats her name? Its blocked out I cant see it

    It's blocked out because posting names of school staff on the public board is not permitted by the Terms of Service of this site. This type of information is best shared via private message.
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    Im the OP , former name Lovetoday) and Im happy to say that Im graduating in May. That was a long journey! Getting in the nursing program is the least of your worries! Good luck to you all!
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    I am happy to say that I will be starting the nursing program in the spring of 2012....Pray for me as I begain my journey.
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    Quote from tam13
    I am happy to say that I will be starting the nursing program in the spring of 2012....Pray for me as I begain my journey.
    I am to! Cant wait still have to do my immunizations and cpr class? Have you done cpr class yet?
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    How long did you guys wait on the list? I;m number 186 and just trying to have a ballpark idea when I'll start Also, how do you like it so far?

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    Hey just wanted to add something- as far as Florissant valley goes- to get the 60 people they admit for the fall they go through about 105ish people. So if your waiting on that list and under 100 it is pretty likely that you will be accepted for this fall at Flo. I have to call and see where I am at Meramec and Forrest Park, not getting a response to emails.

    There is a nursing seminar/information thing at Meramec from 530-7 on March 27th if anyone is interested in going to that.

    So I also have a question to those who have been accepted to the nursing program at STLCC, when do they call you to let you know? Before Summer or after Summer?
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    So update- I got in to Florissant Valley for fall 2012!! I am so excited! And really nervous, I work part time and am hoping I can continue to do that for fall and maybe spring too. I know that at STLCC you can in the summer sign up to do tech jobs at hospitals, does anyone know if they are paid?

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