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Hello, My name is Les. I began my college career as a biology student… I decided about a year ago that I wanted to be nurse… I enrolled at SIUE as a prenursing student. At first it was really important to me that I get a BSN... Read More

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    Congrats on getting into the program! I applied at Florissant Valley in October or November of 2011 for the nursing program and I was 160 on the list then. I was curious about when you applied and what number were you so I can get a general Idea of when I will be starting. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you!

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    Thanks, I put my name on the list June 2011, and My number was in the 200s, so I knew I wouldn't get in for Fall 2011. I was number 108 before they started filling spots for this fall, so to get the 60 positions filled a lot of people turned down their spots for various reasons like grades, other commitments, and attending other colleges. I would call Flo admissions dept and see what your updated number is. But if you were 160 before this march when they started then your number should be under 60. They only take students once a year in fall so Fall 2013 sounds like a sure bet!
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    Hi - this is my first time posting, but, I've ready everybody's posts on when they got on the waitlist, what number they were, etc. and it's been really helpful! I'm just wondering if anyone knows about how many spots they go through every semester at FP and Meramec. It sounds like I would've already been in if I had applied to Flo Valley - but, I mistakenly assumed their list would go slower! Now, I'm mad at myself for that! I have a small hope for getting into Meramec this Fall - the last letter I received, I was #100 - but, I don't know if I'm just dreaming? According to the last letter from FP, I'm #266 on that list.
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    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but, Meramec has already contacted everybody that is getting in for their program this fall.. I would call and see if you can get what number you are now that they have taken those people off the list. They take 40 at Meramec so if you have dropped some you might get in for next spring. From what I've been told by people and the counselors, from the time you put your name on the list it should take 3-4 semesters to get in. My number changed greatly each semester- don't lose hope! Have you taken all your prereqs?
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    I have taken most of them. Taking history this summer. Will take microbiology next summer (hopefully between my first two semesters of nursing classes!) and that will be all of them. I talked to the lady at Meramec - she said to plan for Spring 2013 as I am now at 80. So, I continue to wait . . .
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    The waiting definitely sucks, but only 1 more semester to go!

    And one more semester to save money hopefully. Just finished paying for my books, immunizations, and background checks. Still need to get scrubs, shoes, watch, lab kit, and health exam.
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    Just talked to the admissions people at Flo Valley. Now im number 44 on the list from 160 when i applied in Oct 2011 and they have already accepted the people into the fall semester. Fall 2013 it is!... unless 44 people cant get there stuff together before the first day of school or decide not to go. I dont have that good of luck though.
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    NiceDay12: You are TOTALLY in for fall 2013!!!! There are 60 spots so there isn't no "if", congrats! Maybe I can message you on here after my 1st semester and let you know how it went and give you any inside info I may get to help you out!
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    Congrats NiceDay! I applied to all of them last spring and am starting FLO this fall, and britt314 I guess that means we'll be classmates!
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    Can I ask you about the timeline for getting all of that stuff? When they contact you to let you know you're in, do they send you a list of things you need to do and dates by which they need to be completed? Or, have you already attended an orientation? Just wondering how busy my fall is going to be since I believe I'll be starting next spring! Thanks!

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