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  1. Hi everybody has anyone here attended maryville university for their nursing program. If so how was it and how long did it take to learn you were accepted. I recently applied to the weekend/evening program to obtain my BSN. any input is greatly appreciated
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  3. by   barnettdcm
    I have not attended Maryville but I really want to get into their Weekend & Evening BSN program. Which semester did you apply for? I talked with an advisor in the past who told me since i'm a transfer student that I would need to take atleast 20 credit hours at Maryville to have any shot of getting in. So, i'm meeting with a different advisor soon and possibly transferring there next fall to try and get close to the 20 credit hours that i'll need. I'm hoping for Fall 2013 start. I've heard their program is good. I don't think it gets as much recognition as UMSL, Barnes or SLU but I think its still pretty good.
  4. by   ECrad64
    I'm about to finish my first semester of nursing classes in the weekend and evening college. I've completed the majority of my pre-req credits at Maryville as well.

    I think I found out in February that I was accepted. They accept 64 students and then have a waitlist. You'd be suprised at how many students from the waitlist got in. We had an orientation session in April or May that was pretty intense - went over study time, grades, expectations, etc. Basically scared the living crap out of us for an hour. After that a lot of people dropped.

    As far as the classes go, I have been very lucky to have some awesome teachers that really take the time to make sure you understand the concepts. First semester you will be split into 2 groups for your classes and will have class on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Clinicals are every other Saturday - there will be 8 of you in a group (we were put at St. Anthonys and Mercy this rotation). After first semester the group size is small enough that there is only one group. I wont lie, it's intense. I work full time and have my kids 50% of the time and I struggle to get my study time in. Is it worth it? YES! If you're true passion is to become a nurse then you will somehow make it all work.

    @barnettdcm - I'm not sure how long a go you talked to a recruiter, but they have changed their acceptance process. Previously you were required to have a certain amount of Maryville credits and current students were given first dibs on spots, but that is no longer the process. It is solely based on GPA now.
  5. by   barnettdcm
    Thanks for the Maryville info! I talked to an advisor last spring (2011!) and he said since I didn't have 20 credits at Maryville it would be highly unlikely that I could get in. Very frustrating. So, i'm meeting with a different advisor soon and hoping for better news!
  6. by   mmgirlsmom
    I just finished my 4th semester in the weekend and evening program. They do go by GPA but they also require a minimum of Maryville credits. It is very good program but it is tuff. We are considered part-time but it does require time outside of classroom and clinicals to attend demonstrations in the lab. Clinicals are held on Saturday or Sunday with classes in the evenings during the week. I would apply if you meet the requirements as they do usually take quite a few waitlisted students. It is a tough program but is doable. The majority of my class works full time in addition to attending classes. Just be prepared to study and give it your all. Good Luck