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  1. Did anyone else apply to Penn Valleys ADN program this Spring? I was just accepted into it on Monday but they placed me into the day program when I only applied for the night program. Did this happen to anyone else? Did anyone get placed in the night /weekend program that wanted to be in the Day? Let me know, this is really frusterating since I won't be able to attend to the day program.
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  3. by   wanna_b_a_m/b_rn
    what was your gpa, how many points did u get on the point scale, did already take micro? where did you take your pre recs? how was the teas test? im also trying to get in there evening weekend program in 2012, it only starts every even year 2010,2010 etc......
  4. by   skittles81
    I just applied for the evening/weekend program and im a lil nervous even though i have all 7 pts due to the fact they only take 21 people! So how many points do u have and have u talked to anyone else applying for nights?
  5. by   skittles81
    Also the teas test is super hard the national average is only 60% but penn valley only requires a 51.3 or 53.1 cant remember wich one.....
  6. by   skittles81
    I have 7 points and its a must for the 21 spots for nights yes i had micro and took all classes thru mcc diffrent campuses thou.....still waiting to be notified as typically penn gets 200apps a semester they got 450 this time so they are super backed up....whats ur name (in case we get in and run into one another-
    and how many points do u have?