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I recently applied to the ASN program at Zona Rosa in Kansas City for the March 1st application date (june program start) and I was wondering if anyone who got in in previous years, knows how long it... Read More

  1. by   hopefulnrsstudent13
    No news is great news!! I'm almost confident it will come tomorrow. Lees Summit is a little closer than Independence so I bet your letter is on it's way!!! Positive thoughts :-)
  2. by   Essence333
    I'm trying to stay positive but I checked the mail and no letter :-( I got mail today that was dated 3/13. I will check the mail tomorrow but if its not there I guess its safe to give up.
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  3. by   hopefulnrsstudent13
    Don't give up :-/ if you don't receive anything tomorrow, call the school and let them know you haven't received any letter an you want to know your results.
  4. by   Essence333
    I got accepted! I am so happy. I will definitely see you at orientation!
  5. by   hopefulnrsstudent13
    Yay!!! I told you positive thoughts!!! Do you have a schedule or anything? Other than the acceptance letter and orientation date, I'm kind of list. Lol
  6. by   Essence333
    Sorry for the late reply! Thank you! I called the school just like you suggested and found out my acceptance letter was never actually mailed out lol so the whole time I was freaking out, thinking I didnt get accepted but the letter just hadnt been sent. I hope we have classes together. I dont have a schedule yet. Right now I am taking evening classes on wednes and thurs, tech communication at the independence campus and nutrition at zona rosa. I am so excited. I am going to submit my acceptance paperwork on thursday. I still havent sat down with a financial aid rep from the zona rosa campus yet. I am going to have to take off work for the orientation. The next challenge I face is trying to figure out what to do about my work schedule...My job is only open from 7:30 - 5:30pm M-F. I dont know how I am going to be able to work and go to school at the same time. Somehow I know everything will work out.
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  7. by   hopefulnrsstudent13
    Hey I will be up there tomorrow to hand in my paperwork and talk to financial aid as well!!! Have you ever thought about being a CNA while you're in school? I'm currently a CNA and I work 3 (12 hour shifts) and once we start clinicals I will be going to 2 days a week. I'm am so freaking excited!!! I think we will have the same classes. If my memory serves me right, we will have health assessment and patho first semester.
  8. by   Essence333
    What time are you going? I will be on campus around 5. I just got my CNA license a couple weeks ago. I have thought about working as a CNA but Im not sure what the pay is. Right now I make $15 an hour and Im still living pay check to paycheck :-( Im afraid I wouldn't be able to support myself. I also work in lees summit and Im thinking about moving closer to north Kansas city. Im just not too sure what to do. Your schedule seems perfect! I dont think your schedule will conflict with classes or clinicals at all! Im really excited too! I think your right, heath assessment and patho are first I believe. I wish it was June already!
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  9. by   hopefulnrsstudent13
    I went up there super early in the morning as soon as I got off of work. I can certainly understand living paycheck to paycheck. I work nights so I make about 13.50 an hour. I am a single mom and my rent alone is 760.00 a month and I'm still doing okay. Honestly, I think with a lot of prayer and strict budgeting you can so it!!!! Moving closer to NKC might be a good idea. If I didn't have a child I might be thinking about doing that as well. I wish it was June too!!! I'm going to spend all of April applying for scholarships lol!!! I actually talked to one of the students while I was there yesterday. She said that her class started out with 24 students and now they only have 14. She said it is difficult and you definitely lose your social life but as long as you stay disciplined it can be done!!!
  10. by   Essence333
    I spoke to financial aid yesterday too! I found out my loans will definitely not cover the tuition and expenses. In total I will have almost $12,000 out of pocket! I dont know why my financial aid is so little. Unfortunately, I am 22 and I still have to use my mother's information on my taxes and I do not have any dependents and I am not married. It sounds like you have a lot of expenses as well! I wish I we could both win the lottery! I am going to apply for scholarships as well. Nursing is a lot more stressful than I thought but I know I didnt get this far to fail now! Its sad that a lot of students dropped out. I know that I will not have a life but its only 18 months. We will be done next year in Novemeber/Decemember! I think I am going to apply for the Nurse Corps Scholarship Program. They pay for your tuition in exchange for a minimum of 2 years service at an eligible health care facility with a critical shortage of nurses.
  11. by   hopefulnrsstudent13
    Hi! Have you heard anything from the nursing department regarding registration for our summer courses? I haven't heard anything :-/
  12. by   Essence333
    Sorry for the late reply! I got my schedule via email on 5/10. I had to call and enroll in pathophysiology. I also need to finish my financial aid and change campuses in order to fully enroll in classes. My summer schedule is: patho on tuesday from 9am -2:50pm. Intro into professional practice on thursdays 9am - 11am and health assessment on thursdays from 1pm-4pm. I am in group 2 so I have lab on monday from 1230-330pm.
  13. by   glamcakes
    Hey guys just wondering how you're doing in the program? I am 2 pre reqs away from applying to the nursing program. I would like to know how is it? the cost has me a little worried just wondering if I should stick it out or wait and apply for Penn Valley.