Moving to St. Louis!

  1. I will be moving from Oregon to St. Louis to go to BJC and could use some advice! Can anybody give me any recommendations on what neighborhoods to live in or at least ones to avoid? Also I heard a rumor that students can take advantage of the childcare at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, does anybody know if this is true? Thanks!!!
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  3. by   futurenurseya33
    I'm not sure about childcare but if you're going to BJC then you should probably try to find something in the Central West End (CWE). You should check craigslist.
  4. by   kvisintine
    The Hill is also a good place. A good rule of thumb is to stay west of Kingshighway, and don't veture too far north of Forest Park Parkway... the surrounding neighborhoods in these areas get a little rough, and if your not familiar with the area, it is hard to tell which is good and which is bad. I lived in a 4 family flat off of Columbia and Southwest Avenue as a single girl and loved the area ;-)
  5. by   Loloberry
    Thank so much for the info! I have been looking at apartments on google earth and all the neighborhoods look similar to me. I have heard that St. Louis is a great city though and I am getting so excited to move!
  6. by   Nay314
    I would recommend somewhere in South County or maybe even somewhere in Clayton or by the Saint Louis Galleria. They have nice apartments around these areas and great for kids! Clayton has more of a city feel to it and South County is a bit quieter and not so busy. They have great daycare's around there to! Oh, and I know this has nothing to do with the question but beware of St. Louis weather! one day it will be 80 degrees and the next snowing! Good Luck!