Mizzou or UMSL?

  1. Hi. Im in the Marine Corps right now but I get out in less than a year. I am taking some online classes right now and plan on applying to either Mizzou or UMSL to get my BSN. Does anyone have any advice as to which school has the best program or are they both pretty equal? I appreciate any response that I get. Thank You.
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  3. by   WDWpixieRN
    I haven't attended either, but from anything I've ever heard, they're both good programs.

    I think you might want to ask yourself where you prefer to live if those are the schools are you looking at seriously. Mizzou (Columbia, MO) has a wonderful, small-town college atmosphere with great restaurants, wonderful concerts (and acts) on campus, a great local downtown area as well as many of the larger stores nearby. My son attends there and we LOVE the town.

    St. Louis is obviously a larger more metropolitan area with lots of things to do here and great culture. Many more diverse areas of town to choose from, but definitely more like a big city than Columbia.

    We have an airport here in STL, where it'll be a 90+ minute ride from Columbia to get to Lambert Field. Columbia is central to a lot of areas in MO like Lake of the Ozarks, Branson, and Kansas City. (You may already know a lot of this)

    I'm not sure exactly how many hospitals there are in Columbia or where Mizzou does their clinicals. STL has many but I'm not sure which of them UMSL does clinicals at.

    I know a friend whose daughter attends Mizzou and haven't heard anything bad. There was a gal who frequented these boards and I have read positive from her when she responds here.

    I wish you luck whatever choice you make! :icon_hug: