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    I am starting Lutheran in fall '12. Just wondering if anyone has attended/atteding/graduated from the program. I had a few questions. My biggest question is can I still handle to work full time in a hospital 3 days a week. My employer is flexible with my shifts, and i can do weekends only if needed, day/night shift. I would like to stay full time because of the tuition assistance that I receive, and it would be cut substantially if I drop to part time.
    My success is most important, but paying for school and everything else is of course important as well.
    Let me know if you are aware of the schedule, and how much my life is going to change over the next 24 months.
    thanks so much!

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    Congratulations. I was thinking the same thing. I applied for January 2013. Hopefully i'm accepted into their pre-nursing starting in the fall. When did apply and how long did it take for you to find out if you were accepted? Are you going to live in the dorm?
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    I took the entry exam in december, and a few weeks later received my scores, and then maybe in february received a letter that i will be starting in august, and a few weeks after that received information on things to get done before starting in fall. (ie. background check, immunizations, and mandatory orientations)
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    I'm hoping to get accepted into the pre-nursing this fall. If so, I'll probably live in their dorm because its so inexpensive. I sent my application in late march.
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    Hi bgs1046 im new to this site. Im starting the LPN to RN bridge program at Lutheran this fall 2012. A little nervous if you ask me lol. Lets just say im ready for orentation day!
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    hello bgs1046,
    i am currently in 110 right now which is the first level of med surg and honestly, in 100 and 105 (which are fundamentals) and the prenursing classes, if you are able to read and keep up with the work during that time you should not have a problem with passing. but once 110 hits everything gets harder and more time consuming not to mention that some of the prenursing classes you can take with the nursing classes (i do not suggest because that is even more time consuming and harder to keep up with). what i am trying to say is that this program does not work well with full time workers but it has been done. you are the only that can judge what you can handle. any other questions ill be happy to answer if i can.
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    Also the background check, physical, medical records ect. can wait untill you are actually going to start the nursing program. Depending on what prenursing classes you need they can take up to a year to do since you cannot choose when you take your classes or get them finished at another school.
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    nursingismylife89 do you know if you will be joining 120?
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    Hey I just finished my first year at LSN. Erveryone is a lil different. I work about 16-20 hours per week and for me its been hard! I dont recommend working 40 hours a week. I did it with the 20 hours but it was pretty hard and you could try it but def. like the other people said when 110 comes it gets harder and harder each class, I dont think you want to risk failing a class beacuse that is time and more money. YOu have to get a 75 average to pass which is challenging with the amount of time needed to study. If you require less studying ,which some people are blessed with, its possible but I think for the majority they say 12 hours max by lsn faculty and they are probably right.
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    Hello Everyone!

    I'm looking into Lutheran's LPN bridge program and was wondering what the acceptance process is? Can anyone tell me what the LPN proficiency exam and any other acceptance exams are like or have any recommendations on how to prepare? Is the bridge more difficult to get into and do you know how many students are accepted per year? I know some schools require LPNs to have work experience to enter their programs, is this the case with Lutheran?

    Sorry for all of the questions, I'm deciding between this school and St. Louis Community College's bridge so any and all information would be a help!

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