Is anyone attending the SLU Masters Generalist this fall??

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    Is anyone on here starting the Saint Louis University Masters Generalist program in August. It would be great to get connected to people. I'm also in need of a roommate and I'm sure many people will be moving into the area from elsewhere!

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  3. by   chillychelc
    Hi I noticed no one responded to your post. I will be starting in the program this fall 2011 and wanted to know if you stuck with the program. If so, can you provide any details on what the program is like and study tips. Would you say that its a complicated program, did you like it? How was the housing situation, were there certain restrictions as far as visitors or curfews? Was the program time consuming meaning as a student you wont have time for an outside job, extracurricular activities, etc.
  4. by   chillychelc
    they have something called University Heights Lofts. The website is and they seem to be nice. Im still looking into them. Although Im from here, Ive been gone for 6 years so Ive lost touch. Other places I was looking into that arent that far are Cupples Station: , The Merchandise Mart: and Paul Brown Lofts: and I think they are cheaper than the University Heights Lofts if using the Affordable Alternative rates
  5. by   Lindsy5
    It depends on what kind of atmosphere you are looking for. I personally wouldn't live anywhere east of kingshighway or north of delmar. The only exception being soulard. I would check around the demun neighborhood area and Brentwood forest and Clayton. I live in brentwood forest and I love it- right by whole foods and trader joes! oh, and nordstrom rack! We have an amazing pool which is awesome in the summer. Feel free to ask me any other questions you might have!
  6. by   kbagby
    I will also be attending SLU's AGMN program this fall. What have been the pro's and con's of the program? I'm really excited, but I wish we had more information on the program at this point, seeing as it starts in just over 2 months. Any info you could give would be much appreciated
  7. by   kimmyklf
    Hey guys, i am entering the AGMSN program this fall...i'm very nervous abou the course load since i have 2 little ones at home...just wanted to get some feedback on how the program went for you?? if there are any tips for studying and managing the amout of readings and assignments. before i applied i spoke with one of the instructors who said the program is tough but if u make it thru the first year you will be good and she sounded like the instructors are really there to help you make it? hope to succeed at this...