I cant find a job!!

  1. Hello all,
    Is there a hiring freeze in the st.louis area right now? I have been trying to find a job for about two months now.I have had a few interviews, yet no offers. I wonder if I try to hard in my interview and my eagerness is being percieved differently..hmmm So my fellow nurses is there a job freeze?
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  3. by   WDWpixieRN
    I think things are slow....you're dealing with a bunch of new grads this time of year who probably have been applying/interviewing/being hired over the past few months, a holiday season which is traditionally slow for ANY kind of hiring, and then the economy. I'd bet not too many people are making unnecessary moves AND that companies are trying not to hire where not absolutely needed.

    If you think it's more of a personal thing, I'd start asking if someone can give you input in to how you're coming across or how you can improve your chances of hiring there -- or someplace else -- in the future. Ask for honesty.

    Good luck!!