How long has it taken for MoBON to post your license after NCLEX?

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    I just took the NCLEX on Monday, June 13th at 10am. Here it is close to 3 days and I have not seen any results on the Missouri Board of Nursing website. ( Besides leaving the testing center knowing I passed, (I had 75 questions), I later went home to check using the Pearson Vue Trick and I got the good pop-up indicating my success. I know I can pay the $8 to check the "unofficial" results through Pearson Vue, but I'd rather not just out of principal. I wanted to hear from other Missourians how long it took for their names to appear on the site or list.
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    Well, just got my letter from the state of Missouri today, Thursday the 16th (tested this past Monday the 13th). It says I passed and my effective date is June 14th. Yay!! Anyway, if you're reading this, the best place to check if you're still waiting to hear back is
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    Took exam on 1/14/14. Quick Results on 1/16/14 (PASS! YAY ME!) Nothing on yet...Nothing in the mail yet...
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    1/18/14 - Official letter received in the mail. Still waiting on to be updated...
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    1/22/14 - number posted! It's official!