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Floor Nursing at KU Med (Kansas City)

  1. 0 Hi guys, I'm planning on moving to the Kansas City area soon and I'm curious as to what floor nursing (med surg, telemetry, etc.) is like at KU Med with regards to nurse-patient ratios and management support. I've heard a lot of good things about St. Lukes, so I'm wondering if KU is similar. Thanks!
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    I can't exactly answer your question, but I have a friend who is a nurse aid/pct (not sure of the title they use there) and he loves it. He says it is a good atmosphere to work in and the people on his unit are like family. He highly recommends working there.
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    Thanks, that helps ! Do you know if your friend is on a med surg floor or something similar?
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    Cardiac I believe.
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    Average is 4 on days, up to 5 on nights. Around 7 to 9 pts per pca. All of the units are going to be remodeled but several floor/tele units haven't been yet - so working conditions can be a bit 1982ish. Noc shift diff and bennies are better than St Luke's BUT KU doesn't hire ADNs anymore if that's the boat you're in.

    Also, KU is on the KS side. Most of St Luke's are on the MO side. Two different licensing processes.