Flo Valley or Forest Park?

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    I am on the waiting list at Flo and at Forest Park....looks like I may be able to get into Flo for the fall semester but Forest Park still not sure about (either Fall 09 or Spring 2010 for Forest Park). For all of you who went to STLCC, would you recommend Forest Park or Flo? I have heard that Forest Park is a better program and am wondering if I should hold out for them even though I may be able to start at Flo a semester earlier. Would really appreciate any feedback that you can give me!

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    I'm 1st semester right now at Forest Park. I have no complaints and am very happy. My only negative however is that all things being equal, I think it might be advantageous to start in the fall. The reason is that come this summer, I will not have enough experience to qualify for certain externship programs offered by some hospitals. But if I'd started last fall, the timing would be perfect. But that's just one small thing. There are plenty of things to do this summer... take an extra course... and I already have my PCT job anyhow, but the externships really sound like great opportunities. Good luck whatever you choose.
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    Thanks for the response. I really had not thought about that point, but that makes sense. Did you get your PCA job before or after you started nursing school. I have applied, but haven't had much luck due to lack of experience.
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    Quote from k&k'z mom
    Thanks for the response. I really had not thought about that point, but that makes sense. Did you get your PCA job before or after you started nursing school. I have applied, but haven't had much luck due to lack of experience.
    Find someone who has been doing it a while and ask if you can shadow them at work. It's a great way to see what the job's about and what that facility/floor is like, and it can lead to you getting a job there. I got my job before school but have not been there long enough to be shadowed. You might be able to PM someone else on this site who has posted about working as a tech re: shadowing. Also, contact the "nurse recruiter" at human resources at any hospital and tell them about your interests and desire to shadow someone. Online applications are fine, but there's no substitute for simply talking to people, making calls, going places and asking over and over again. If you can present yourself well as a mature, conscientious and enthusiastic job candidate, you'll get a care tech job eventually. Good luck!
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    It's great that your name is on the list in both places! I say whoever comes through first, go there. I did Graduate from Forest Park and if you get letters from both places at the same time...I would say "FOREST PARK"...but of course I'm biased!!LOL!!

    PS...Today I found out I passed boards!! Now I'm luvs2readlotsRN!!!
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    I am a forth semester student at Forest Park and I think we have at least 5 to 10 student who transfered to Forest Park for Florissant Valley. They have a high passing rate because it's survival of the fittest. I guess if you are a strong student then go for it. Nursing School is nothing like your prerec's. I love Forest Park. You can call your instructors at home if you have any questions ,I kid you not. They are so supportive. I was on both lists myself and I am so glad I got into Forest Park first. congrats on getting into nursing school and I wish you well Leesa

    P.S. Luvs2readlotsRN Congrats
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    I say go where ever you get in at. Both schools have high pass rates for the NCLEX, and all of the area community colleges have respected programs. You can't go wrong at either one.
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    Yes, we had 10 students who transferred into Forest Park from Flo Valley as well. Funny...Flo didnt think they would be able to pass boards...almost all of them that have taken it have passed boards. I don't know what it is with FLo that they have a high turnover there of students.(Don't mean to scare anybody from going to FLo because they do pass students and they have a high pass rate on boards but so does Forest Park...93% and 96% I believe for the 2 classes previous to mine). It's a hard decision to make that's for sure!
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    THey have such high turnover rates because people who go to flo valley are not smart enough to pass their program.
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    Just to follow-up with everyone....I decided to hold out for Forest Park and am starting in January!! I am very, very glad that I made the decision to wait. The only thing that I am having trouble with is securing part-time or prn employment. I have applied to so many places and just keep hearing that they are overwhelmed with applicants for the few positions that they have....or that they are "taking applications" but not actively hiring. Any suggestions?? I have great work history and great references.

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